Team Fight Tactics: Reckoning, the tried

Team Fight Tactics: Reckoning, the tried

Team Fight Tactics

Riot is having wonderful years. It is practically the first video game developer to drive the entire e-sports sector and its explosion was so resounding a few years ago that the meteors launched into the videogame world were many, powerful and capable of even hitting those in League of Legends, perhaps, isn't that interested. While Valorant and Runeterra are now walking on their own legs and on the horizon there are many new juicy titles under the Riot Forge label, the only double-bound ring with League of Legends, and obviously we are talking about Teamfight Tactics, continues to be treated with sumptuous carpets and rose petals to pave the way and make more and more people feel enticed to try something different from the usual five-on-five arenas. Riot has given us the opportunity in recent days to preview the fifth set dedicated to TFT called Reckoning on private servers and trust us if we tell you that this is about to be the biggest upheaval of the title since its launch.

A new collection to conquer you

Team Fight Tactics: Reckoning: Prepare for the return of Teemo! Reckoning, this is the name of the new set, decides to propose to the public a classic theme where darkness challenges light, where good and evil collide in that eternal struggle of factions capable of transforming and mutating, becoming the canon over the years. Red vs Blue of our beloved world. The aesthetic aspect is revealed in the clearest of ways with the evil version of Pengu, ready to open the doors of three other exclusive species of legends. The aesthetic is certainly fresher than the previous set and the arenas are also starting to have an increasingly complex construction, with more complex lighting effects, renewed audio and sound effects, and a highly sought-after contour construction.

Team Fight Tactics: Reckoning: The Ruined King has left its mark ... even on the spatula! All, of course, to push us to buy yet another Battle Pass once again, in an exponential curve in terms of pure content quality, while remaining in line with the previous sets when instead we go to analyze the amount of content. To enrich Reckoning's offer, a new game mode will also come in at the end of the month, which always relies on the mechanics of Team Fight Tactics but which wants to try to give a different experience, faster and more immediate than the classic matches . Hyper Roll will thus forcefully enter the parallel playlists providing shorter games, guaranteed by a starting HP pool of only twenty points, where the leveling experience is no longer sold but earned in the same way by all the participants, committed in this way. one hundred percent in trying to build the strongest team possible. Be careful though, because damage to opponents will also be done differently, focusing only on the number of past rounds instead of the star level of the components deployed on the battlefield. If, unfortunately, we do not know much more about this new mode, at the moment we were able to try out different new compositions and get an idea of ​​how many new strategies will be possible and how they will revolutionize the game known to date. .

Revolution for Teamfight Tactics!

Take everything you think you know about Teamfight Tactics and put it aside as with Reckoning you will basically have to learn all the formations, the functionality of the champions from scratch. but, above all, the use and combinations of objects. Many equipment has remained the same in functionality but the big news is that there are now evil versions of the nine main equipments that, when combined with other evil or neutral items, can give life to extremely diversified final items. To make you better understand let's take a look at the famous Guardian Angel, used mainly on your carry to allow it to come back to life with a low percentage of health after being taken out. Here, imagine now that this same object, made perhaps using an evil armor, will resurrect your champion with one hundred percent of life, however, halving the attack speed for the rest of the fight. You understand well that in this way the strategies differ enormously from the past and an item that you never thought to give to a particular champion could now be fundamental in its evil version. These special items, however, will not be dropped by the MOBs but will be collected in a special shop or grabbed during the carousel, the one that has remained unchanged.

Team Fight Tactics: Reckoning: There will be new arenas, booms and legends The revolution also passes through the champions and never as with Reckoning will we have such heterogeneous formations and with absurd effects. The Hellions in formation, for example, will get an increase in attack speed but will even be able to create their own demonic copy after being defeated the first time, substantially doubling the number of characters on the field. The news everyone was waiting for, of course, is the possibility of having Little Devil Teemo among the Hellions with the evil Yordle ready to lead the charge of his fellow racemates, from the top of his legendary might! The three witches in Coven are also interesting as they can enhance the character closest to the center of the triangle they formed by granting them a 50% spell power buff, with a mechanic based on positioning and training rather than just brute force. All the heroes arrive with new skins and the items will see their key art updated in high resolution for a visual modernization not strictly necessary but certainly appreciated.

The new Reckoning set will arrive later this month on the game client but not we look forward to playing it assiduously. The news are many and such as to revolutionize the strategies seen to date and the objects in double version could add further levels of strategy to the production. An excellent reason to return to TFT if you have put it aside for a while or a further incentive to continue playing it if you are already a regular visitor. Net of the balance, another really crackling season promises.


The return of Teemo The new items are excellent Lots of new traits DOUBTS Will Riot be able to balance so many combinations? Have you noticed any errors?

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