Starfield: the reasons why it could arrive this year

Starfield: the reasons why it could arrive this year


The marriage between Bethesda and Xbox could give birth to Starfield by 2021. The hypothesis has been hovering in the world of rumors and rumors for some time but Jez Corden, insider and journalist very close to the Microsoft world has exposed the theses so the next game from the house of Maryland could come to us just this year. And as usual the hypotheses, although still unconfirmed rumors remain, are decidedly solid, so much so that we believe that E3 2021 could reveal the exact release date.

Corden expressed his point of view during The Xbox Two podcast, dedicated to the console world of the Redmond house. According to him, Starfield is already in a very advanced state of development, so much so that it should have been released in 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a considerable delay, probably in the final stages of development of the game, such as for example general cleaning. At this point, therefore, the release date would have already been set for this year but Bethesda has not yet pronounced itself on the matter and probably awaits a large stage, like the next videogame festival in Los Angeles. The reference platforms? Obviously the title would be an Xbox exclusive.

On what grounds, however, can we believe we will see Starfield as early as 2021? First of all due to the great reliability of Jez Corden, who has always anticipated the moves of Microsoft in the gaming field in an (almost) always correct way. And then for the modus operandi of Todd Howard and associates. Unlike the new IP and The Elder Scrolls VI, all the games produced in house are announced and then subsequently published within 6/7 months.

Clearly to learn more about Starfield it will be necessary to wait for news directly from the publisher and the developer. The next game from Bethesda is shrouded in an aura of mystery, given that since its announcement, which took place at E3 2018, it has practically disappeared from the radar. But if it really debuts this year (and the conditions, as we have seen, are all there), we will surely know more over the next few months. But we are sure about one thing: Todd Howard's and at this point also Microsoft's ability to keep everything hidden is really something supernatural, considering that no one has yet managed to produce a truthful leak on the matter. So Chapeu: this time they won.

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Starfield Copyright Points to Possible Release Date

If you have been hoping that Bethesda Game Studios' next game in Starfield would end up releasing at some point in 2021, it looks like you have a new reason to still have hope. Although not an official confirmation by any means, a new development from Bethesda's end tells us that at the very least, something related to the highly-anticipated space-faring game should come about before the year is through.

Noticed by video game YouTuber and podcaster MrMattyPlays, it looks as though Bethesda has recently filed a new copyright for Starfield that is dated to 2021. While this might not mean a lot on its own, copyrights like this typically aren't filed until closer to a game's launch. In a subsequent message from one @klobrille on Twitter (which was assigned to Richard Hoeg), it was noted that copyright notices of this type usually come about 'when the work is made available to the public without restriction.' With that in mind, it seems like something would have to transpire with Starfield in 2021 for this to be true.

The obvious thing to take away from this is that Starfield could absolutely be releasing in 2021. And if that were to happen, it wouldn't be the first time that we've heard murmurs about such a development. That being said, we're also living in a time where game development has become drastically more complicated due to the ongoing pandemic. So even if Bethesda intends to release Starfield in 2021, those plans could come crashing down quickly as the year progresses.

Still, the fact that a 2021 date has been now attached to the Starfield copyright means that we should definitely have more hope as the year advances. And if nothing else, perhaps this means we'll finally get confirmation within the next few months on which platforms the game will be coming to. For now, all we know for certain is that Starfield will absolutely release on Xbox and PC -- PlayStation consoles are still a lingering question.

So what does this new Starfield development tell you? Do you think the long-awaited RPG will actually release this year? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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