Humble Bundle limits the amount of money that can be donated to publishers

Humble Bundle limits the amount of money that can be donated to publishers

Humble Bundle has always been a digital store that stands out from the others due to its beneficial implications. In fact, buyers could freely decide to what extent to distribute their payment, between publishers, voluntary associations and Humble Bundle itself. An element that has always helped to favor all his initiatives. In a surprise move, however, the management of Humble Bundle has decided that starting from May it will no longer be possible to freely choose the distribution of its offer and has put a limit on the money that can go to charities. All to the advantage of publishers, who from that moment on will not receive less than 80% of the money paid.

In a post published in recent days, Humble Bundle said that this decision was made to standardize also this part of the site to the others in which the sliders are not present. It also seems to have been a change in production and testing for some time.

Up to now, by purchasing from Humble Bundle, the shop offers this division of the compensation: 65% goes to publishers, 30% to Humble Bundle and 5 % to charities. After that, through the comfortable sliders, it is possible to freely change these proportions, giving everything to charity, for example.

From next May onwards, however, there will be only two options: the first which gives 85% to publishers, 10% to Humble Bundle and 5% to charities, while a second raises the 15% compensation for charities and 5% off Humble Bundle and publishers respectively.

A change that, on paper, seems to be aimed at rewarding publishers towards the store and charities. Something that, if confirmed, would certainly hurt the store's image and fuel even more controversy.

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