Outriders, Guide: all classes and their respective skills

Outriders, Guide: all classes and their respective skills

Outriders, Guide

Outriders (here our review), the third-person shooter developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix, has captivated lovers of the genre with an old-style gameplay and a strong multiplayer sector, capable of keeping glued to the screen for hours and hours in the company of friends. For this reason, we have decided to draw up a guide dedicated to Outriders in which we will show you all the classes and skills, in order to guide you in the creation of your ideal character. Without lingering in further chatter, then, let's take a look at the abilities of every single class available in Ouriders right away!

Outriders: classes and skills

The classes of Outriders are four, namely Devastator, Pyromancer, Trickster and Technomancer. Each of them is designed for a different type of combat: from the short range of the Devastator, to the lethality of the Technomancer from a distance. We will examine the classes listed above in order, starting right from the short range.


That of the Devastators, is a short-range tank class, whose initial passive allows you to regain 24% of the health for each close kill. Among the goodies of the Devastator, we initially find a 15% more health and a 30% more resistant armor than those of the other classes; in short, the classic statistics of a tank.

The melee ability of the Devastator will cause Bleed to enemies at close range but, strange to say, it is a class with less DPS than the others. The three skill trees are divided into:

Vanquisher, dedicated to the damage of guns; Seismic Shifter, focused on the power of anomalies and the seismic abilities of the class; Warden, I implement to strengthen the tank mechanics. In short, this class is for those who love short-range fights, aiming at the brute strength of the character. But you can also take advantage of firearms when enemies surround you and you are forced into a strategic retreat. Now, let's examine all the Devastator's abilities together:

Earthquake: available from level 1, it unleashes a shock wave that will hit enemies in a straight line; Golem: available from level 3, damage will be reduced by 65% ​​for eight seconds; Gravity Leap: available from level 4, it allows the player to blow up and drop bombs on enemies in a restricted area, damaging and interrupting them; Reflect Bullets: Available from level 6, it generates a barrier in front of the player that will absorb all opposing bullets. After pressing the skill button again, or after 10 seconds, the bullets will be returned to the sender; Impale: Available from level 9, create a stake that will impale enemies. This will interrupt them, dealing damage and malus Bleed. Furthermore, killing an opponent with Impale will generate a rest area for health and armor (for the whole square) that will persist for nine seconds; Tremor: available from level 13, a series of small explosions around the player, will inflict damage and drain the health of adjacent enemies; Boulderdash: Available from level 17, charges forward dealing damage and interrupting enemies, then destroying the ground. The opponents around the final impact point will be damaged; Endless Mass: Available from level 22, trap a target in stone by applying Bleed. Enemies near the boulder will be drawn towards it until it explodes dealing heavy damage.


The Pyromancer class is perfect for mid-range combat, inflicting massive Fire damage to enemies with its flaming talents. For example, the melee ability will inflict Burn on opponents, also allowing you to regenerate health points. In fact, when the enemies are marked (for 15 seconds), the player will regenerate 24% health upon their death. This class receives 10% more anomaly power at the start of your Outriders journey. The three skill trees are divided into:

Ashwalker, to enhance gunshot damage and immobilization skills; Tempest, dedicated to explosive abilities and the power of anomaly; Firestorm, to increase Burn's health, armor, and duration. Here are the Pyromancer's abilities:

Heatwave: available from level 1, it emits a wave of straight fire that inflicts Burn on all enemies; Feed the Flames: Available from level 3, lures an enemy, draining health and causing damage. Apply Ash too, blocking the adversaries; Thermal Bomb: Available from level 4, selects an enemy that, once killed, explodes and inflicts on surrounding opponents. The selected enemy suffers Burn and is interrupted; Overheat: Available from level 6, damages all enemies in a large radius. Fire-sensitive enemies will receive additional damage; Volcanic Rounds: Available from level 9, provides ammo that deals piercing and Burn damage to enemies in a small area. The skill ends by reloading or changing weapon; Ash Blast: Available from level 13, Ash hits all enemies in a wide range; F.A.S.E.R Beam: Available from level 17, fires a fiery beam with 125% Status Power; Eruption: available from level 22, it generates a volcanic eruption around an enemy, also inflicting damage on surrounding enemies in a restricted area.


The Trickster, unlike the Devastator, is a very close class, but at the same time very fast. In fact, it allows you to quickly teleport towards your opponents and can also slow them down thanks to its skills. With melee kills, the player will be able to regenerate 20% of maximum health, and gain a 20% shield (which will deteriorate over time, providing a 5% damage reduction). This class initially receives 5% more max HP. Its three skill trees are divided into:

Assassination, to increase short-term damage and deception skills; Reaver, for the enhancement of the power of the anomaly; Harbinger, to boost health, damage resistance and slow the deterioration of the shield. This class of Outriders is therefore recommended for those who prefer close combat, without giving up fluid and rapid movements; an excellent alternative, therefore, to the Devastator. But let's take a look at the abilities:

Temporal Slice: available from level 1, eliminate and inflict damage on enemies in a small radius with a blade, also paralyzing and slowing them; Slow Trap: available from level 3, a small sphere will slow enemies and bullets for 10 seconds; Hunt the Pre: available from level 4, teleports you behind an enemy; Twisted Rounds: Available from level 6, provides ammo imbued with the power of Anomaly that inflicts greater damage. The skill ends by reloading or changing weapon; Cyclone Slice: Available from level 9, transforms the player into a short-range whirlwind that deals damage and interrupts nearby enemies; Borrowed Time: available from level 13, it marks the position after pressing the skill button for 28 seconds. Using it again, the player returns to the marked position; Venator's Knife: available from level 17, throws a temporal knife at an enemy, then hits 5 other enemies. It will deal damage and slow opponents for 10 seconds, boosting the first attack during this time; Time Rift: Available from level 22, a shock wave will block enemies in midair for 3.5 seconds. The opponents involved will have the Weakness penalty.


The Technomancer is the perfect class of Outriders for those who love to support and combat from a distance. Use turrets, freeze enemies and restore health with damage dealt; really not bad! As an initial power-up, it features a 15% increase in damage from ranged weapons, as well as 15% more of the two skills: Skill Leech and Weapon Leech. We just have to take a detailed look at the skill trees:

Tech Shaman, increases health regeneration of the same, and the freezing of opponents; Demolisher, upgrade the power of Anomaly and Toxic and Skill Leech. Now, let's examine the Technomancer's abilities, suitable for long range and support:

Scrapnel: available from level 1, launches a proximity explosive that deals damage to all enemies in the blast radius; Cryo Turret: available from level 3, places a turret that automatically shoots opponents by freezing them; Pain Launcher: available from level 4, a missile launcher that bombards the area in front of your character; Blight Rounds: available from level 6, provides toxic ammunition with an area of ​​effect on impact, poisoning even nearby enemies (who will also suffer 50% of the damage from the ability). The effect is active until you reload or switch to another weapon; Tool of Destruction: Available from level 9, provides a rocket launcher or mini-gun. The rocket launcher can stop more enemies, while the mini-gun has more ammo available. As in the previous case, the skill ends when you reload or switch to another weapon; Fixing Wave: available from level 13, it generates an energy wave that restores 33% health to all companions and 50% health of the turrets; Cold Snap: available from level 17, places a device that freezes opponents around the player; Blighted Turret: Available from level 22, places a turret that inflicts damage and toxicity to enemies. On Amazon Italy, Outriders is available in a Day One version. Click here to buy it!

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