Monster Hunter Rise and It Takes Two are the games for March 2021

Monster Hunter Rise and It Takes Two are the games for March 2021

March 2021 was also a month full of interesting games, if only able to range between various genres, which is also reflected in the diversity between the two titles that have emerged as games of the month. We have seen a bit of everything: large-caliber productions and minor titles, ports, re-editions and re-editions of ports, new chapters of established series and new intellectual properties, in short, a remarkable variety of different experiences able to demonstrate how the industry gaming is definitely active and in good health, despite the very complicated period.

Monster Hunter Rise promises to be another great success for Capcom

2021 seems to be a another year characterized by several delays, slips and even risks of cancellations and closures, but the amount of games that manage to reach the market each month is still impressive, so far. We are not yet faced with the huge releases, capable of catalyzing the attention of the more or less specialized media on their own, but a month like March 2021 manages to give the right space to a large number of different productions that otherwise may not be able to emerge anymore. from time to time, demonstrating a balance that is fundamental for the health of the videogame offer. It should also be noted that the election of the games of the month coincided precisely with the results that had emerged last month from the polls on the most anticipated games, with the same two titles also found in this definitive election.

The choice of the editorial staff

Very few doubts emerged during the voting within the editorial staff of, even if the two main games in the catalog immediately engaged in a notable battle. However, it quickly emerged that the game of the month for March 2021, in the editorial poll, was It Takes Two. The particular cooperative action adventure for two players represents the sum (at least for the moment) of the videogame vision of Josef Fares and his team Hazelight. After the still a little bitter but still excellent experiment of Brothers and the cinematic cut of A Way Out, with It Take Two the director seems to have found the necessary maturity to bend the medium to his will in terms of narration and above all of gameplay. The principle of collaboration is the foundation of the entire gaming experience here, and it also manages to be damn fun.

Monster Hunter Rise offers the classic formula of action RPG with hunting to monsters

In second position, also with a good amount of votes collected, we find Monster Hunter Rise. The new chapter of the famous Capcom series exclusively for Nintendo Switch is the logical continuation of the now well-established structure: on the one hand this brings the certainty of a well-polished and balanced game, on the other obviously it cannot compete with the surprise effect of completely new and unexpected titles like It Takes Two, in fact. In any case, it is certainly one of the biggest games of 2021 and with this chapter it is confirmed as a series able to really conquer everyone, even more with the possibility of playing it in portability on Nintendo Switch. Third classified, but at an abysmal distance from the first two, we find Narita Boy: the indie a little nostalgic and a little hipster has perhaps started to tire, but when you are faced with such a refined and stylish title it is easy to make yourself take enthusiasm once again.

The choice of the readers

The choice of the readers of is also very clear, who in the survey clearly expressed a different preference from the editorial staff: in in this case, the game of the month of March 2021 turns out to be Monster Hunter Rise, reflecting precisely what had emerged from the survey on the most anticipated game of the month now in conclusion. Capcom's action RPG was in fact the most quoted candidate to be the most prominent title for March, as well as for all of this first part of 2021 and perhaps even beyond, considering the appeal that the series has now all over the world. On the other hand, if Capcom has reached 4 million copies distributed all over the world in the first three days of presence on the market, it means that even this exclusive chapter for Nintendo Switch is destined to break some records, as happened with the previous one. Monster Hunter World, also considering the added value given by portability.

It Takes Two takes Josef Fares' particular vision of cooperative gameplay to new levels

In second position , therefore in an opposite way to what happened with the editorial vote, we find here It Takes Two, the new and particular cooperative game by Hazelight. We have already said how this title probably expressed the maximum potential of the Fares idea in terms of multiplayer game design, so we simply reiterate that it is a game that must be tried, obviously to be played with someone you have. a certain harmony. For the third position there is to go down a lot and we find almost an equal merit: however, for only one percentage point the usual Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time in the new next gen version on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, just above the excellent Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, an extended and improved version of the splendid RPG from ZA / UM.

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