Monster Hunter Rise and It Takes Two are the most anticipated games of March 2021

Monster Hunter Rise and It Takes Two are the most anticipated games of March 2021

It will not be the most shocking month in videogame history, but March 2021 still seems to be a period full of news, even rather bizarre, with games characterized by a great variety of genres and settings, therefore aimed at disparate tastes. For this reason, the choice that derives from the surveys on the expectations of the month could only be twofold, to demonstrate the breadth of the spectrum of videogame experiences: the most anticipated games of March 2021 are therefore Monster Hunter Rise and It Take Two, two very different from each other but evidently united by the ability to steal the attention of most gamers in their launch window. Beyond these two titles, it should be noted that many others also have a very strong identity, although perhaps they do not represent games of great appeal. Precisely the lack of a universal blockbuster (even if Monster Hunter in all respects would be), or at least of a title capable of making a lot of grip on the Italian public, is at the basis of a certain lack of enthusiasm that emerged in the election of this most anticipated game, at least on the front of the readers, where the most selected option was in the end just "none". Clear sign of a March 2021 that could be dedicated above all to the backlog, but from these poor expectations some very successful games can still emerge, as has often happened in the past.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

The result that emerged from the internal survey of's editorial staff is quite clear, according to which the most anticipated game of March 2021 is undoubtedly It Takes Two. The new title of the volcanic Josef Fares continues and enriches the idea that also characterized the previous production of the same author, that is the constant cooperation between two characters, at the base of the entire game design. It Takes Two seems to take this concept to the extreme consequences, being able to range even more in terms of game solutions thanks to the particular surreal characterization chosen for this game (compared to the cinematic realism of the previous one), which opens the door to crazy and extremely funny situations. . In addition to a great deal of work on the construction of the levels, the new title also seems to bring with it an interesting narrative base and a great dose of humor and irony, which make it even more interesting.

Monster Hunter Rise is the new major chapter of the famous Capcom action RPG series

In second position there could only be Monster Hunter Rise, a strong candidate for the first even in this situation but in the end surpassed a little by surprise from the game of Hazelight and EA. Few presentations to do regarding Capcom's new action RPG: the most interesting thing is that it is in effect the new chapter of the main series, so it is not a spin-off nor a side project, but simply the real and own new Monster Hunter, coming to Nintendo Switch and later to PC. With the worldwide success of Monster Hunter World, we look forward to seeing what results this new iteration of the monster hunt game will achieve. In third position came Maquette, a "recursive" puzzle game that plays on perspective and spatial paradoxes in a strange setting. Outside the podium, the most voted is Balan Wonderworld, the nostalgic 3D action platformer from Yuji Naka, none other than the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The most awaited by readers

As we said before, the poll released to readers has shown some disinterest in the lineup of titles arriving in March 2021, but if only the positive votes are to be considered, then the most anticipated game is undoubtedly Monster Hunter Rise at this round. The absence of particularly heavy titles on standard home consoles, and in particular on PS4 or PS5, has probably contributed to the widespread choice of focusing on "none" as the most anticipated title, but there is still little enthusiasm for the month just started. which however can turn into the possibility of discoveries on games that can turn out to be unexpected successes or simply in the recovery of titles already released previously. For sure, Nintendo Switch users will still know what to play, with the launch of the new chapter of the famous Capcom series.

Despite not being a new game anymore, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is however among the most anticipated of March, in the next gen version

Monster Hunter Rise also makes the void behind it: to find the second most awaited game you have to go down considerably, finding also in this case It Takes Two , which, however, manages to collect less than half of the votes taken by the first. For the rest, preferences have spread over numerous titles which, however, have not managed to detach themselves too much from the fund, demonstrating however how March 2021 brings solutions for even decidedly varied tastes. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, the next gen version on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, manages to emerge a little more from the bottom, surpassing another important port, namely Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re Mind for PC, but for the rest it is really a matter of crumbs of votes scattered on various other titles.

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