Garden tables | The best of 2021

Garden tables | The best of 2021

Spring and summer are the best times to spend outdoors, and for this reason we have created for you a new guide to buying a piece of furniture that can completely change the perception of your courtyard or terrace. speaking of garden tables.

Read also: Gazebo | The best of 2021 In fact, the presence of a table means a longer stay, and sometimes more comfortable, of the outdoor area, coming to enjoy all the maximum comfort and relaxation possible and combined with a good barbecue will let you pass some Unforgettable afternoons. So we have created a guide that can meet any need, including folding tables from a few tens of euros in resin, up to more elaborate fixed solutions, elegant to look at and therefore also more expensive. Obviously, in this selection we make references to tables, defining them as garden tables, but nothing prevents you from placing one of these items on your terrace, we only invite you to consult well the dimensions of your choice.

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The best garden tables

Green resin table Table with handle Polywood table Extendable table Table with umbrella hole Table with glass Folding acacia wood table Mosaic table

Green resin table

Our selection of the best garden tables could only begin with this basic but functional product. Made of solid weatherproof material, this table has 4 legs that can be disassembled without the use of tools, and in the center there is a perfect hole for holding umbrellas. Its light and rounded design makes it a perfect table to use in the garden or on the terrace, even in the presence of children.

Table with handle

The table with handle made by ParkAlley is the perfect folding solution that is easy to carry. In addition to a steel structure, to make this table more solid, there is also a plastic table top, which once closed allows it to be transported thanks to the practical handle. For greater safety there is an integrated fixing key in the lower part of the table, which fits easily into the frame and avoids possible involuntary closing, while to protect the floor, there are rubber feet under each leg.

Polywood table

If you are looking for an elegant looking table, with a fixed structure able to withstand the sun and the rain, this is the perfect solution for you. This square table with aluminum legs and polywood surface has been covered with a special eco-sustainable, waterproof and UV-resistant powder coating. Moreover, thanks to the clear instructions, it turns out to be a very easy piece of furniture to build, perfect both for terraces and for the garden.

Extendable table

Lovers of eating outdoors, this is the table you were looking for! This table is in fact capable of extending, reaching from 127 cm up to a length of 180 cm thanks to a practical system of tables present under the support surface. Despite being made entirely of aluminum, this table weighs just 21 kg but can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people in its extended form.

Table with parasol hole

With its basic elegance, this outdoor table by Outsuny combines a metal frame with a rippled glass top, and this creates a unique and refined look. In addition, inside the tempered glass shelf, safe and resistant up to 70kg of maximum weight, there is a practical hole for inserting an umbrella in the center. The base of the table is equipped with curved legs with an additional metal band that helps to give the whole greater stability.

Glass table

Designed to stay outdoors, the rattan and glass garden table is durable and weather resistant. Its steel structure and powder-coated glass shelf make the table sturdy and stable, while its 2 x 1 m dimensions make it a practical table, perfect for any environment, a real added value for any garden.

Folding acacia wood table

Elegant, foldable and a perfect mix of modernity and innovation, this table must its high quality due to the fact that it is made of acacia wood. A hard, tropical material that is resistant to sun, wind and rain in a very durable way, with the surface finished with oil and therefore, easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, for greater practicality, this table is also equipped with practical footrests, an essential feature for anyone who wants to place it for long moments of relaxation at the table.

Table with mosaic

We conclude our selection with the most elegant and high-relief product, we are talking about the oval garden table with mosaic. Composed of a massive black painted iron structure, its upper part is decorated with a beautiful colored stone mosaic that gives the look of the table a unique and refined look, all while remaining able to withstand the elements without any problem. The iron structure, solid and with numerous supports, gives a solid and compact aspect to this table.

How to choose a table garden

In homes that have the possibility of using an outdoor area, which can be a garden as well as a large balcony or terrace, choosing the right table is a very important moment. In fact, it is possible to run into some simple, and sometimes trivial, mistakes that can make you regret your purchase. So here is a list of the best points to guide you in choosing the perfect table for you.


Choosing the perfect material is a fundamental part in selecting a table, in fact it is important to keep in mind if the piece of furniture is able to withstand the action of atmospheric agents without suffering damage. Furthermore, the choice of material also involves a selection of the various uses that you want to give to the table, for example if it must constantly be disassembled and moved, it is good to think of light solutions that are suitable for this purpose, such as those in resin or in non-wood. too elaborate.


We could have included this point in the Material section, but it is right to dedicate an entire entry to it. The resistance of an outdoor table is very important, in fact, in addition to the obvious untreated wooden table that deforms with the rain, it is sometimes possible to run the risk, for example, of being faced with elements made of synthetic materials that are not suitable for a moon stay under the sun. It is therefore very important to know the material of your table well, so as to be able to maintain it in the best possible way for the greatest possible period of time and above all, to avoid possible damage. h3> In summer, you know, it is pleasant to have lunch and spend time outdoors, perhaps with friends or relatives. Sometimes, however, a table is not large enough to contain all the guests or the dishes, so it is good to think during the purchase phase, if it is better to get a surface that is able to stretch if necessary, using additional tables or retractable extensions. .


Most people might take this point for granted, but this point is essential when looking for temporary solutions or when facing tables made of materials that suffer from the elements. Folding, removing and moving a table is much easier if the table is made of light materials, don't you think?


Our selection of practical tips closes, the only one on the side aesthetic. In fact, it could be a style risk to choose a classic wooden table in the presence of a modern garden, made of stone and metal. On the other hand, even a simple plastic structure, positioned in a garden or a purely wooden house may not be the best in terms of environmental coordination. Always choose a model that respects the style of the garden, and that can be able to make the most of it!

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