Facebook had to publish a correction on the gratuitousness of its services

Facebook had to publish a correction on the gratuitousness of its services

Italian users in these days are viewing a new banner: it is the latest chapter of a clash between Menlo Park and the Agcm that began in 2018. To avoid other fines, the Zuckerberg company has decided to properly inform the users on the processing of their data

The banner displayed on Facebook in Italy By accessing Facebook in these days, many Italian users have seen a banner appear that reported an "important communication" from the Menlo Park company. This notification informs users of a story that dates back to 2018, when the Agcm fined Facebook for an unfair commercial practice.

Why did Facebook decide to show this information after 3 years? To better understand the situation, it is good to take a step back. In November 2018, the Antitrust Authority imposed a 10 million euro fine on Facebook accusing the social network of misleading users to register on the platform with the famous claim "it's free", without adequately informing them of the data collection activity for commercial purposes.

The antitrust had also asked the company to insert a correction on the home page of the social network, on the app and on the personal page of each Italian user, in order to explain the real use that is made of personal data.

The notification that all Italian users are receiving in these hours is precisely the correction requested by the Agcm. Delaying to produce it, however, cost Facebook a new fine of 7 million euros, which the Agcm issued against the platform in mid-February. This further sanction came because Facebook should have notified its Italian users by December 15, 2020.

Now, in order not to incur new fines, Menlo Park has run for cover and has begun to spread a statement in which it explores the story. The text of the communication states that the managers of the social network did not adequately and immediately inform consumers during the account activation phase of the activity of collecting their data for commercial purposes.

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