Aron's Adventure: Zelda-style open-world RPG launched

Aron's Adventure: Zelda-style open-world RPG launched

Aron's Adventure

If you like games with a special graphic style, then the open-world RPG Aron's Adventure could be interesting for you. You are traveling through a large fantasy world that is presented to you in a low-poly graphic style. This creates a very unique atmosphere and is a bit reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Fighting evil as Aron

You embody Aron, who by touching someone from heaven fallen "eye" has received special powers. With these you face a threat that could shroud the whole country in darkness. In the towns and villages you talk to the NPCs who have tasks for you or who trade to get new items. The game offers continuous voice output, but is currently only playable in English.

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Aron's Adventure started on April 7th via Steam, where you can currently buy the game reduced by 10% for 22.49 euros. The ratings on Steam are "mostly positive" with 75%. The game still has a few bugs to contend with and the developers should optimize the controls, which sometimes - especially when riding - seem a bit clunky. The story could also be told a little more fluently.

Source: Steam

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