Action Figure Knights of the Zodiac | The best of 2021

Action Figure Knights of the Zodiac | The best of 2021

The Saint Seiya series (The Knights of the Zodiac) was born from the ink of the mangaka Masami Kurumada, there are various transpositions and spin-offs of this beloved series to which the global success is partly due to the marketing of the products dedicated to it, as in the case of the recent Myth Cloth or even earlier (just a few decades ... to make you feel "older") of the puppets with metal armor also proposed in Italy thanks to Giochi Preziosi.

“Invincible warriors,

valiant leaders,

voted body and soul

to Lady Isabel "

We have decided to collect for you the ones that, in our opinion, are currently the best figures, including statues and action figures dedicated to the Manga / Anime that marked a generation and continues to offer increasingly better products and sparkling armor.

Action Figure Knights of the Zodiac | The best of 2021

Saint Cloth Myth and Saint Cloth Myth EX Saint Seiya DDPanoramation Saint Seiya Anime Heroes Saint Seiya Funko Pop Statues of various kinds

Saint Cloth Myth and Saint Cloth Myth EX

The Saint series Cloth Myth (by Bandai and Tamashii Nations) was born in 2003 to launch the anime series Saint Seiya: Hades Chapter Sanctuary, an official sequel to the 90's series that has remained "lame" of its conclusion up to that point. The success of the Saint Cloth Myth line was something unique in the panorama of collecting, a success which then led to the birth of real communities of enthusiasts scattered all over the globe. In 2012 the new EX line is announced which, parallel to the main line, offers improved and more posable reinterpretations of the characters already released previously.

Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation

This small series of economic action figures was created with the aim of offering the collector a series of articulated puppets on a smaller scale than the Myth Cloth. Ok, maybe some details may not match the aforementioned line but they remain very valid products for those who love to create dioramas and scenes with the Knights of Athena. In fact, each character is accompanied by a part of elements that can gradually be assembled and composed together forming the mythical Great Temple. Some (not all) figures also have effects that recreate their secret strokes.

Saint Seiya Anime Heroes

This is a new series of entry level action figures, articulated but with non-removable armor. The price is in line with action figures proposed by other competing companies and is certainly a valid product for those who approach this world, especially the younger ones.

Saint Seiya Funko Pop

Strangely missing the appeal until recently but also the Funko brand can finally boast among its ranks a series dedicated to the Knights of the Zodiac. The first examples consist of the basic quintet plus a limited edition of Sagitter's Aiolos. We are convinced that we will see more soon so do not miss them while they are available!

» Click here to buy Dragon Shiryu

» Click here to buy Phoenix Ikki

Statues of various kinds

Saint Seiya is not only action figures but now also a world made up of the best statues. Among the most popular are those of Tsume, a European company that has localized its production in Asia. Its statues are gigantic and often reproduce the salient clashes of the Golden Knights immortalized while they are unleashing their powerful secret blows. Among the statues, even if of much smaller dimensions, we insert the beautiful reproductions of Banpresto who with the Cosmo Memoir line has begun to propose the various Saint of Athena depicted in very dynamic poses and without their armor but in civilian clothes.

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» Click here to buy Pegasus Seiya Tsume

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Myth Cloth Hades EX one of the latest Myth Cloth

To choose better ... with the help of Athena

First of all, to guide you in choosing the best figure it is good to understand this ale is the figure that best suits your needs (and your wallet). The economic aspect should not be underestimated in this kind of collectible products because as soon as you enter the world of collecting you also understand that often to want more from a qualitative point of view, you must also invest more and this inevitably reflects on our economies. . If you are an occasional user and are looking for a symbolic object of the series, we recommend first of all one of the Funko Pops, of your choice, they are all beautiful, finally if you want to "raise the bar" look at the beautiful Myth Cloths, but be careful, one pulls the other. If you have a larger budget, instead, give free rein to your imagination and treat yourself to a beautiful resin like Tsume's, you will certainly not regret it.

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