[UPDATE] PS5 is back on sale today on Gamestop!

[UPDATE] PS5 is back on sale today on Gamestop!

Update 3:16 pm: waiting room open! PlayStation 5 will be available today on the pages of Gamestop! The portal, in fact, has announced that starting from 15:30 today, it will make available a new stock of Sony consoles, with the sale not only of the "smooth" edition of PlayStation 5, but also through the sale of 3 different bundles. ! As always, we remind you that these sales are managed through an online queue system, so, more or less starting at 15:15, you will be able to access the site to "queue", thus awaiting your turn to purchase via a digital waiting room which will then lead to the sale of the console.

bundle, they will be 3, and it is already possible to know what they will consist of:

Bundle 1: PS5 (standard version), Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Watch Dogs: Legion - Resistance Edition (Gamestop exclusive), Play & Charge Revent and Dual Charge Station Revent for the price of € 729.98 Bundle 2: PS5 (Standard Version), 2nd DualSense Wireless Controller, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Funko Pop! - Crash Bandicoot for € 724.98 Bundle 3: PS5 (standard version), Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Nioh Collection, Remote for multimedia content, Provided: Bunlde Ride Bene Chi Ride Ultimo, Funko Pop! Hanzo 348 (Overwatch) of € 714.98 Never before has Gamestop spent itself on so many and varied sales solutions. In fact, this is the first time in which the console can be purchased, as well as in the stand alone version, also through 3 purchase bundles, which only increases the purchase chances since, as you will guess, the bundles will be the last to end up among the aims of various online users. Therefore, considering also and above all the shortage of components caused by COVID-19, the fundamental cause of the slowdown of many assembly lines in the tech world, if you are looking for a PlayStation 5 and want to buy it within the first half of this year, you are we would suggest not to waste any more time and to queue up immediately, so as to guarantee you a chance to purchase. Otherwise it is impossible to establish with certainty how and when PlayStation 5 will return permanently on the market, so much so that this situation could last well beyond the end of 2021!

Having clarified this, we invite you once again to take advantage of this opportunity to immediately buy your PlayStation 5, it is clear that we at sportsgaming.win will constantly monitor the situation and will update the news as soon as there is one. the opportunity.

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