Total Overfuck, the shadow of censorship returns to the work of Miguel Ángel Martín

Total Overfuck, the shadow of censorship returns to the work of Miguel Ángel Martín

Total Overfuck

It seems incredible but the censorship hits Total Overfuck, the seminal work of Miguel Ángel Martín, right in a historical moment we talk about inclusiveness and widespread respect Nicola Pesce Edizioni reports about an incredible episode involving an Italian typography. >

Total Overfuck and preventive censorship

Through a concise press release Nicola Pesce Edizioni explains the surreal that happened, even if rightly not entering details. In fact, one of the printers in which the publisher has been using for some time refused to print Total Overfuck by applying a preventive censorship to all intents and purposes.

The publisher continues his report by saying that the issues raised by typography were not of a legal nature (since the volume itself reports the sentence of the judge who authorized its first publication) but a decision based on personal and ethical reasons.

Nicola Pesce Edizioni highlights how Miguel Ángel Martín he has been defined by the prestigious Time as “the best European cartoonist” as well as being unanimously appreciated all over the world. But apparently, he regrets, the publisher Total Overfuck is still badly digested in our country.

Quite a departure from what "Time" has called the best European cartoonist, an artist appreciated in all the world, still poorly digested in the beautiful country.

Total Overfuck, the troubled publishing history

Total Overfuck has lived a troubled publishing history to say the least. In 1995 Psycho Pathia Sexualis (a work collected in Total Overfuck together with four others by the author) was seized on charges of "publishing obscene shows with impressive or gruesome content". Decision against which a chorus of authoritative voices rose, including Milo Manara and Oliviero Toscani, then canceled by the Supreme Court after years of trials because the fact did not exist.

Martín fixes real events on the pages, with a clear line that reveals all the atrocity. The intent is to generate repulsion and not imitation of the facts told. In this lies the ethical strength of his work: after 25 years it still upsets and generates debate, demonstrating that the daily horror to which the news has sadly accustomed us, has nothing obvious.

Here is the synopsis of the volume:

The most extreme stories of Miguel Angel Martin have been collected for the first time in a single volume, some completely unpublished in Italy. Others, such as Anal Core and Snuff 2000, had only been published in stapled booklets that were extremely difficult to find. The volume also presents a very large appendix and extensive documentation on all the Acts of the Seizure Process by the Cremona Prosecutor's Office which in 1995 made the history of censorship in Italy. In fact, one of the works contained in the volume, Psycho Patia sexualis, was deemed too violent, encouraging suicide, pedophilia, murder and torture, and was already seized in the printing house. A chorus of authoritative voices rose to support Martin's cause, from Milo Manara to Oliviero Toscani. All their testimonies have been photographed and included in the volume. Suitable for an adult audience.

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