Xbox Game Pass is good for the entire industry, says Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass is good for the entire industry, says Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass is good for the entire industry

The Xbox Game Pass model, useless to go around it, proved to be particularly profitable for players, who with a simple subscription can download a multitude of important titles at no additional cost. The recent introduction of many of Bethesda's works is just one example of how the value of the Xbox Game Pass service can rise over the years to come.

In fact, over the months Microsoft has added more and more news to the 'subscription represented above all with Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass for consoles, PCs and in the cloud for Android devices. Without forgetting that many important productions, including third parties, will be released at launch in the huge catalog, citing the now imminent Square Enix Outriders.

Gamers are obviously noticing how much Xbox Game Pass is becoming influential in the already large videogame market, a result long hoped for by Microsoft, which has recently expressed itself on the matter. To Forbes, Sarah Bond made interesting statements regarding the success of the service. According to her, an element that distinguishes Game Pass from services similar to those already present in the world of cinema or music lies in the constant presence of a digital store.

Indeed, Bond believes that the presence of the Microsoft Store is decisive in decreeing the success of this business model: once a particular title has been played, users can buy a DLC or an expansion, buy in-game currency, discover games of the same series or the same genre, or even approach works completely different. The relationship between consumer and game does not necessarily end when this has been completed, but can almost always be deepened through additional content.

Consequently, this possibility translates into ever greater profits for publishers and developers, who in fact now see Xbox Game Pass as a viable option to publish their productions. In addition, players have the opportunity to discover new titles and in which they can spend time and money as they wish. Taking only this concept into consideration, we immediately understand how profitable the service is for the entire gaming sector.

What is particularly interesting, however, is a statement of the results obtained with Xbox Game Pass: Sarah Bond revealed that On average, subscribers spend 20% more time playing, with 30% more titles and 40% more genres. Also, important for publishers and developers, users are spending 20% ​​more thanks to Game Pass. Although they are data calculated on averages, they make us understand how Microsoft's service is really working.

These are numbers that can only please the entire market, which can only increase in the coming years or even in the subsequent months. This is mainly because Xbox Game Pass continues to expand more and more, including more and more services and benefits for players, such as the imminent possibility of playing in the cloud on iOS and PC. In short, these are only positive news for all video game enthusiasts, who have as their main objective to play as many titles as possible and have fun with them.

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