Top 5 Indies of March 2021

Top 5 Indies of March 2021

The month just ended we started to tell you with Top 5 Indie what are in our opinion five of the most interesting Indie titles coming out month by month. After a February that saw some postponements and some stumbling blocks, we dive into a very special March. A period marked by some great releases (Monster Hunter Rise), some fascinating curiosities (It Takes Two), but basically a month that we could define as a buffer between the initial climb of this 2021 and the descent that awaits us. Within this watershed there is an undergrowth of Indie and Early Access titles that is still full of possible surprises and rough diamonds waiting to be discovered. So here are the five best indies of March 2021.


Everhood: a battle against a monster What will an Adventure Action Rhytm & Game ever be? Everhood is the right answer. Chris Nordgren and Jordi Roca have in fact developed this title that defining the "Dark Souls of rhytm & game" is not so wrong. Difficult, punishing and charismatic, Everhood will make you face numerous monsters, each with its own style and musical genre. To beat them, however, you will have to be able to pass tests of musical ability and reflexes. As in the most classic rhytm & game the playing field will be a moving score in which you will receive "notes" towards you, instead of pressing them in time, however, you will have to avoid them. Every time you are hit you will lose life and if you manage not to take damage for a short period of time, you will recover it.

Psychedelic videos (the game is really not suitable for photosensitive subjects) and inspired music, the journey that awaits you could be really "unexpected" as you can read in the excerpts from the statements of the developers. The character and style of Everhood are not in question, the originality too, will this ambitious title be able to create a cult around itself like other Indies before it? We'll find out from March 4th, when the game will be available on Steam and Switch.

Fate of Kai

Fate of Kai: a section of the game system Developed by Trylight Game Studio, Fate of Kai is a very interesting variation on the theme of puzzle adventures. The title focuses heavily on the originality of the ideas, the character of the art direction and the extremely strong inspiration that permeates every choice. You will lead the game by exploiting the thoughts of the characters, moving them from scene to scene through the decisions you make. The game takes place in a magical book that is the scene of the adventures of Kai, the protagonist. In every page and in every cartoon your actions will come to life, but as mentioned, the game will be conducted through choices and thoughts. For example, if you find yourself at a crossroads and choose to go left, the game will show you in the following pages all the events caused by pushing Kai to go left, as if you were in an animated book-game. During the recent Steam Game Festival the game has been a great success and will be officially released on March 19th. The title will be, for now, only in English and Spanish but it is not certain that a warm support from the public does not lead the developers to translate it into other languages. Fate of Kai proved to be rich in originality and interesting ideas, as well as characterized by a very peculiar artistic style and for this reason it enters the Top 5 Indie by right.

Kaze and the Wild Masks

Kaze and the Wild Masks: Kaze Runs Through a Level A tribute to the great 2D platformers of the past. A title that wants to clear the free / obsolete binomial that has often led many titles, very valid on paper, to take the longest step of the leg. We do not know if Kaze and the Wild Masks will fully succeed in its intent but it is certain that the personality of the title cannot be denied. The game will put you in the shoes of Kaze, intent on saving her friend Hogo after the Crystal Islands are cursed. The world, the hostile and threatening vegetables, and even Kaze are artistically very valid and the gameplay, inspired by 90s platformers, is influenced by the Wild Masks. This mechanic will offer Kaze the possibility of having unique abilities that will stratify the experience in the various levels, acting on the way you interact with the enemies and the path to follow in the over 80 levels available between basic and bonus .. Kaze and the Wild Masks will also be available in Italian from March 26, 2021.

Loop Hero

The very special Four Quarters title, which we have already had the opportunity to try, is about to debut on March 4th. The title is a peculiar hybrid between RPG and management with distinctly strategic elements. A Lich has removed all memory of the world in which the events are set and you, and the role of a young heroine, will have to save the inhabitants from this dark oblivion into which they have fallen. The path that will take you to face the Lich will be full of exploration, combat, improvements of your hub and planning on the use of cards. The game is basically divided into two phases, the first dedicated to the gaming hub and the second in which the fighting will take place during the explorations. The facets of the title seemed multiple to us and despite some doubts, the title certainly deserves a place in the Top 5 Indies of March.

Mr. Prepper

Mr. Prepper: a phase of crafting in the game Also in this episode of the column that wants to keep the attention on the world of the Indies high, we want to offer you a title definitely out of every scheme. In Mr. Prepper survival and crafting come together in an excellent way, offering a very inspired "fallout shelter simulator". You will have to choose which rooms to build, plan the collection of materials and think carefully about the management of game time. In fact, the days will pass and you will also have tasks to perform, so you will not be able to be caught unprepared. Living and surviving will be your priority, but to this you will have to add good relations with the neighborhood, an alibi against the secret police and a whole series of measures that will increase the pressure during your games. The game, delayed by a few months for the purpose of a better final cleaning, will finally see the light on March 18th.

Honorable mention: Minute of Islands

A phase of exploration and character interaction Like every episode of Top 5 Indie, we offer an honorable mention, concerning a title with a particular story in the development process or that particularly impressed us. If last month we brought you the story of Rhytm Doctor (released on February 26 in Early Access), this time we want to offer you Minute of Islands. The title developed by Studio Fizbin presents itself as a fascinating adventure full of puzzles, platform sections and characterized by a very strong and central narrative component. You will take on the role of Mo, a young but expert repairman who has the task of maintaining and repairing gigantic machines belonging to an ancient civilization that inhabited the archipelago in which the game is set. A dark threat lurks in the depths of the sea and we will have to discover the truth. Minute of Islands is a game that does not want to leave anything to chance, which seeks to stimulate fun, ingenuity and emotions, through gameplay, storytelling and also a beautiful art design that has allowed the title to be mentioned as a mention. of honor in the category "Execellence in Visual Arts 2020" at the Independent Games Festival and beyond. The title will be released on March 18th and could really hide some brilliant surprises.

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