The best games to buy and play during the winter | March 2021

The best games to buy and play during the winter | March 2021

We are almost at the end of the winter season and in a few weeks we will enter seasons with a decidedly warmer climate, but this does not mean that it is not a bad idea to throw yourself into winter videogame experiences today. There are many games set in freezing places or that prefer an experience that wants to instill a decidedly colder mood in the players. To accompany us in these first months of 2021 then, there are also two new consoles still to be discovered between new releases and great recoveries of the past generations to be faced thanks to the retro compatibility, a function that will help various enthusiasts to build a large and rich virtual playroom. of titles belonging to different types of genres.

Precisely for this great variety of styles and genres of videogame productions, we have decided to come and meet you, giving you a list of those that are currently the best games to play during the winter. Even if the climate is getting milder, it is always very pleasant to play these experiences accompanied by a hot drink in the last cold evenings of the season.

Best games to buy and play during the winter

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

We inaugurate this list of the best games to buy and play during the winter with a title very recent. Assassin’s Creed Valhlalla is not only the latest chapter in the saga of the Ubisoft assassins, but also the debut in the saga of a whole Norse setting. Together with Eivor, the new historical protagonist, in this title we find all the variety of content that will keep players glued for countless hours. Not only story missions that will carry on the main campaign, but also a whole series of secondary missions, collectibles and activities to be found around the entire game map. Valhalla will surely be able to offer you both a historical and cultural journey within a very fascinating period, not to be missed.

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The Division

Let's move to another Ubisoft IP with a couple of titles that will keep you glued to the screen for several hours. The Division and The Division 2 are two perfect titles to play during the long winter nights either alone or in a group with your friends. Especially the first chapter of the most recent Ubisoft IP, has a decidedly more winter and cold setting than its successor. In addition, in this debut title, the Snowdrop engine was introduced, which gives a further sprinkling of a hellish atmosphere to the entire story. Unlike New York in the first The Division, the second chapter will take you to explore a Washington.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

If you are looking for a game rich in content and that will keep you busy for a hundred hours, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the perfect title for your requests. Rockstar Games has now accustomed us to worlds full of things to do and plots full of characters, stories and events capable of constantly keeping any player at attention. The far west of the frontier told in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a transposition capable of putting in the cauldron a whole series of themes that expand not only through the story of Arthur Morgan, but above all thanks to the various activities present in the boundless map. Plains and woods full of vegetation and animals, lively cities and mountain paths will be just some of the fantastic views with which Rockstar has decided to build one of the most impressive westren ever released on the gaming market.

Super Mario Odyssey

The platform is from always a genre full of variety and always different levels to approach. Super Mario is definitely the father of one of the most popular genres and with Odyssey we find the last main incarnation for the series starring the mustachioed Italian plumber. Among the various worlds that can be visited in Super Mario Odyssey, there is room for all tastes, even for those who love cold winter environments covered with a thick layer of snow. The strength of this exclusive title for Nintendo Switch lies in its dynamism, in never giving the player the idea of ​​re-proposing something he has already experienced only a few moments ago, all with a general quality to say the least impeccable in full Nintendo style. and Super Mario.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne

This is a series of games to buy and play during the winter, how can we not even get in the way of Monster Hunter World Iceborne ?! The expansion of the critically acclaimed latest installment of the saga (at least until the release of Rise) is everything Capcom hunting enthusiasts could wish for. A new area full of new monsters, missions, hunts and a fauna and flora to be discovered; as well as new characters that you can meet during the new mission that will be assigned to your character. An expansion that will allow you to return to the world of Monster Hunter World for an endless series of hours.

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The Last of Us Part 2

In this buyer's guide there is room for everyone, and we could not at all not include one of the exclusive PlayStation 4s most awaited and loved of the last videogame generation. The Last of Us Part 2 continues the story of Elllie and Joel that began in 2013 with the first title. Naughty Dog wanted to create a real colossal capable of putting a whole series of strong human emotions at the center of the experience. The new journey that can be tackled on PS4 will take you to tread the shores of the city of Seattle, a new stage that pits different factions of survivors and a multitude of infected who have now reached new stages of evolution. Like all great fun cult videos, The Last of Us Part 2 is a great game to enjoy on the last winter evenings of the year.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

A great classic like The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim could not be missing for any reason. Although almost 10 years have passed since its official release, Skyrim continues to be a very popular and highly coveted title among passionate gamers to this day. If you fall into the group of gamers who have never yet got their hands on this iconic title, then it means that this winter period can be the perfect time for you to play the fifth chapter of the Bethsda fantasy saga. Awaiting you will find a vast world full of different choices, which at each game will clearly change the path of the character you have chosen to create. What are you waiting for ?! Getting lost in a world like The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is still fascinating today, 10 years after its original launch.

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The Long Dark

We close this list with The Long Dark, one of the coldest and most glacial survival that the videogame market has ever offered us. As usual in this genre of games, the player will have to survive a whole series of situations and bad weather; in this case also related to freezing temperatures. If you want to end your winter season by throwing yourself into the extreme conditions proposed by The Long Dark, this survival will give you bread for your teeth.

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