Pixel, the evolution of Google smartphone prices

Pixel, the evolution of Google smartphone prices


“Smartphones are becoming more and more expensive every year”. This is a phrase that we have now learned to repeat to ourselves every twelve months, in correlation with the launch of new devices by companies. But are we sure that this statement is really so?

With this article we will try to analyze the trend and evolution of the prices of Pixel smartphones, to find out if it is true that every year our portfolio becomes lighter all the time. the act of buying a new Google smartphone.

The origins

The Pixel line is undoubtedly in the hearts and minds of all telephony enthusiasts. But the origins of this family of devices have not been easy at all, especially in Europe. The legacy of the name Nexus in fact immediately clashed with the new policy undertaken by Google, with the abandonment of collaborations with external companies, in favor of the "proprietary" solution as regards the design and construction phases of the devices.

So it was that from the duo Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P (the first one with LG and the second one with Huawei), the market got ready for the arrival of the Pixel name, with the first smartphone branded Google. br>
The list price back in 2016? It took 759 euros to take home the basic variant, in the smaller size (the Pixel line was in fact distinguished by the existence of two "standard" and "XL" variants from the first model up to the 4 series), with trivial detail of non-availability in Italy, an element that, as we shall see, will be redundant throughout Pixel history.

Growth that never blossomed

Always keeping in mind the starting € 759, yes switch to the second generation of Pixel smartphones. The year is obviously 2017 and Google's desire to present itself as an antagonist to Apple and its iPhones appears increasingly evident.

As far as our market is concerned, the Google product brand is finally making its appearance, with only the XL variant, however, available for purchase. The price is one of those able to turn heads, we are talking about 989 euros to be able to take home what will officially go down in history as the first Pixel smartphone available in Italy.

Mid-range: is this the way?

It goes without saying that so far, precisely because of the price and availability that at least we could define in fits and starts, the Pixel family in Italy had not made a breakthrough in the market. However, the new series presented at the turn of the end of 2018 and mid-2019 marked a decisive change of course.

We could even go so far as to affirm that the current 2021 situation of the Pixel world is the result of what happened in May of 2019. In fact, proceeding with order to the usual devices designed to compete with Apple's iPhones in the top flagship market (Pixel 3 and 3 XL with the only first available in our market with a base price of 899 euros) joined a few months later by the exponents of the Pixel "a" family.

An idea immediately appreciated by users, with the Pixel 3a that with its great photographic power and its list price cut by more than half compared to the "top" variant was able to score a possibly unexpected breakdown even in the Google headquarters.

Pixel 4… But everyone was waiting for 4a!

We are fast approaching our times with just this great expectation that the smartphones of fasc The media had just generated.

The Pixel 4 series in fact, although officially available in Italy with a starting price that was even lower than the previous generation (we are talking about "only" 759 euros for the variant Pixel 4 base), it never quite got off the ground. This "failure" could be due to the great expectation of a hypothetical variant 4a, able to guarantee that mix that is still so much appreciated by users.

The problem was that to see this smartphone live we had to wait months, with a time-to-market policy perhaps among the worst ever seen. At least the price was able to make up for the wait, with an official tag of 389 euros, identical to its predecessor.


You arrive hence to the current situation. The one that many of you know and that brings us back to the beginning of our story and our story. A current situation that provides for two devices, Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G not available directly and officially in our market, with a price and data sheet policy that is none other than the result of choices that seen in this summary can only be considered confused and chaotic.

The price in Europe of Pixel 5 is 629 euros. A positioning that, if from the outside can be seen as intelligent and against the trend compared to the various competitors, must be analyzed as the result of some sacrifices on the technical and material data sheet. there are many rumors about perhaps the most controversial smartphone family ever created that appear on the net every day.

And you? Which is your favorite Pixel smartphone? What do you think of this story and this strange price trend of Google smartphones? Comment in the box below with your thoughts about it!

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