How to play Roblox, the phenomenon of the moment

How to play Roblox, the phenomenon of the moment

How to play Roblox

Discovering a video game that contains over 20 million games, a space for creativity that also caters to those without computer knowledge

(Photo: Roblox) There is no doubt that Roblox is becoming a an increasingly important phenomenon, especially after having conquered the front pages of the whole world thanks to its bursting entry on the stock exchange. But if you are not a teenager or a fan of alternative video games-experiences, then the existence and functioning of this particular world can be totally alien. What is Roblox and how is it played? And why is it becoming a gold mine?

Roblox considers itself a game, although it is actually better defined as a sort of online space that hosts an infinite number of other games. Unlike digital stores like Steam, however, it is not a simple portal-shop but a real platform that facilitates safe socialization between users and that allows you to create your own universe, determine who can enter it and what can do.

The games featured on Roblox are developed by the users themselves and currently there are over 20 million. An immense number, made possible by the fact that anyone, even a kid fasting computer skills, can access simplified tools to bring their ideas to life and create their own game. And you don't have to pay anything to play.

So how is it possible that Roblox went public with a valuation of 45.2 billion dollars, much more than a giant of the Electronic Arts experience ? The games are free, but as with Fortnite and similar, everything that is extra, from cosmetic customizations to special items, can be bought with the in-game currency always called Robux. A digital currency that can then be converted into real money.

How to create games on Roblox

(Photo: Roblox) The first step is to sign up for free from a Windows or Mac pc, from an iPhone or Android and from Xbox and create your own character-avatar ( reminiscent of Lego minifigures), like in a normal mmo game. You will have your own fully customizable space through a virtual toolbox called Roblox Studio that uses a simple and intuitive programming language called Lua Script.

The strength of Roblox lies in this platform of imagination that transforms ideas into something digitally concrete, even without knowing computer science in depth. It will be possible to create three-dimensional and immersive worlds and determine the dynamics and rules of the game. You can set up game passes or extra content that can be purchased with the Robux digital currency for additional skills or cosmetic changes. Something not strictly necessary for the game, but that thrills gamers and makes the fortunes of developers, as with all modern free-to-play games.

If the game becomes popular it can be scaled and expanded by favoring a more extensive multiplayer. And the creator can convert - or rather exchange - the Robuxes into hard currency through the internal system called developer exchange (DevEx); it goes without saying that Roblux keeps a percentage of the transactions. Right now, for 4.99 euros you can buy 400 Robux up to the 10,000 Robux package for 99.99 euros; the cost of accessories or extras starts from less than 100 Robux and goes up to several thousand for the rarest or most particular ones.

One of the most popular games, with 1.6 million users, is Adopt Me! which is nothing more than a variant of the Tamagotchi. But you can find first-person shooters, platform adventures or simple experiences to visit worlds created ad hoc.

Last year Roblox also made sparks because of the lockdowns that forced millions of homes home. kids, will it continue to grow exponentially also in 2021?

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