Final Fantasy 7 Remake: useful tricks to win battles

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: useful tricks to win battles

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers a fast, dynamic and tactical fighting system. In this guide we will give you five useful tips to master it immediately, in order to get the better of the enemies during the adventure.

ATB, parries, enemy weak points, health recovery, stun the opponents. There are several crucial elements of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake combat system that it is important to master: here are some tips to get the better of the clashes right away. They will come in handy, especially if you play at higher difficulty levels.

Use the ATB as much as possible

The battle system of Final Fantasy 7 Remake revolves around the ATB. During encounters, two bars will fill under the characters' HP (health) gauges. When one of these is full, you can use it to activate an ability, spell or object, in order to obtain considerable advantages in the course of the fights.

Even if the attacks standard do not deal much damage, on the other hand they fill the ATB meters faster, so as to allow the player to perform more actions. The same happens when the characters are alternated regularly. When you have a chance to use the ATB gauge, use it as much as possible to activate abilities and spells to inflict more damage on enemies.

Parrying and dodging at the right time

There are two ways to defend yourself in Final Fantasy 7 Remake combat: blocking enemy attacks and rolling to dodge. By blocking the hits you will suffer reduced damage from the attacks suffered, while rolling you will avoid them altogether. That doesn't mean rolling is always the best option. Calculating the right moment to roll could be tricky, and if the enemy manages to hit you, they'll hit you full, doing a lot of damage. Blocking the attack is generally more reliable and is often the safest tactic, especially if you are facing an enemy as fast as the Shinra Shock Soldiers.

Parrying has other useful effects as well. Some enemies have attacks that knock you down, but blocking often removes this effect. Even if you take some damage, you still have a good chance of counterattacking very quickly. Additionally, blocking a melee attack while Cloud is in Punisher mode (activated by pressing the Triangle key) will respond to the enemy with a powerful counterattack. Rely on dodging when you're confident enough to find the right timing, and when you're low on HP to avoid taking even the smallest block damage.

Take advantage of the enemy's weaknesses

Each type of enemy is weak to a particular element. Mechanical opponents are generally vulnerable to electrical attacks (like the first Vigilante Scorpio boss), while organic ones are susceptible to fire attacks. It will be of great help to exploit these weaknesses, as using the attacks of the right element will allow you to inflict more damage.

Although it will be easy to spot the weaknesses of the enemies at the beginning, in the rest of the adventure what will get more complicated. For this the Assess matter will be of great help, which once equipped gives you a detailed overview of the weak points of the enemies. Assess matter can be acquired at a certain point in the adventure: don't miss it!

Stun enemies

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake it is possible to stun enemies, filling the relative indicator placed under the health bar. Stun enemies is very convenient in combat. When an enemy is stunned they will not bea> able to attack you, and at the same time they will be even more vulnerable to your attacks, which in this state will end up dealing even more damage to them.

What to do to stun as fast as possible the enemies? The trick is to deal a lot of damage in sequence, coordinating your team's spells and abilities to hit the enemy in quick succession. By dealing a lot of damage in a short time, the enemy will be under pressure.

Under these conditions, his health bar will fill much faster than usual, and at this point you can use stun attacks such as Aimed Lunge. Cloud and Barret's Aimed Shot to refill the stun gauge in no time. Some enemies are easier to stun than others, so you will need to experiment with your ever-expanding options in combat, in order to develop strategies suitable for each encounter based on the opponents in front of you.

Heal yourself before each battle

Obviously, the first tip to survive in combat is to keep an eye on the health bar. When your HP points are approaching dangerously zero, you can heal yourself in battle using spells and items, although this will cost you a bar of ATB. By doing so, if you dive into the fray with the HP in red, you could end up badly before you manage to perform a single action.

For this reason, our suggestion is to heal yourself with items and spells even outside the battles, making sure you take the field with HP already at maximum.

To learn more about the game, we refer you to the review of Final Fantasy 7 Remake reminding you that for the whole month of March the Adventure of Cloud and Tifa is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade for PS5 will be released on June 10th, but the version redeemed by Plus subscribers cannot be upgraded to the Next-Gen edition.

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