Fender Stratocaster: LEGO and Mega Construx

Fender Stratocaster: LEGO and Mega Construx

Fender Stratocaster

It was September 20, 2020 when Hasan Jensen, The LEGO Group referent of the LEGO Ideas platform, announced that Tomáš Letenay's Legendary Stratocaster project (TOMOELL on LEGO Ideas) and winner of the Music to our ears competition, had qualified to become a Official LEGO Ideas set along with Guillaume Roussel's Earth Globe project (Disneybrick55 on LEGO Ideas).

Tomáš Letenay's Legendary Stratocaster Project

The Earth Globe project by Guillaume Roussel

Fans and collectors of the LEGO Ideas theme as well as, we are sure, the many musicians with a passion for the most iconic and most played brand among those of musical instrument manufacturers, they waited patiently to be able to first see and then buy the future set.

So imagine the surprise for all those who are anxiously waiting for the LEGO set. Fender licensed ideas when last 1 February 4, a Tweet from MEGA Construx announces the live drop event on the NTWRK platform of the MEGA Collabs x Fender #Stratocaster set, that is a special and limited edition set that allows you to build the brick version (MEGA brand) of the famous electric guitar.

DROPPING SOON! #MEGACollabs has partnered with @Fender on a collectible that's built to rock! 🎸PRESALE takes place Feb 13-14; go behind-the-scenes with the team live at the Unboxed event, hosted EXCLUSIVELY on @NTWRKLIVE. 🤘 #Fender - Limited quantities available ⌛ pic.twitter.com/d3mg4ode1i

- Mega Construx (@MegaConstrux) February 9, 2021

The set is supplied in an elegant cardboard box that reproduces the classic guitar case, inside which there is a shaped plastic insert to house the guitar once it has been built. The set also includes an original Fender pick and the elements to build a stand to display the guitar at home or in the office.

In this video made for the drop on the NTWRK platform, we can see the MEGA Construx set made and how the packaging and the stand to put the guitar on display are presented.

The speaker in the video, one of the designers of MEGA (Mattel's "building bricks" division - Ed. ) explains in the video that in practice only the headstock of the guitar (the part at the top of the neck to which the mechanics are fixed - Editor's note) is a unique piece and produced specifically for this set, while all the other 240 pieces are "normal" bricks.

Now, the question arises. How do we deal with the licensing issue? MEGA Construx claims in its Tweet that it has made its set in collaboration with Fender, and we have no reason to doubt given how much Mattel, as well as The LEGO Group, is respectful and strict when it comes to licensing. Conversely, also in the announcement on the LEGO Ideas blog, Hasan Jensen refers to Tomáš Letenay's project by mentioning Fender, implying that they have signed or will sign the necessary licensing agreement with Fender.

Is it really possible that we will have two brick versions of the same musical instrument and the same brand, each proposed by two rival companies? If so, is it then possible to hypothesize a future line of LEGO Nintendo Pokemon sets? The collaboration between The LEGO Group and Nintendo already exists for LEGO Super Mario sets. Now that The LEGO Group and MEGA Construx have somehow agreed to both offer their own version of the Fender Stratocaster, then why not hope that in the future they can agree to release more titles or shared licenses?

The LEGO Ideas Legendary Stratocaster project is one of six approved in the most recent Review sessions and the transformation of which the LEGO Ideas Team is currently working on. Five of these seven future LEGO Ideas sets will be officially unveiled in their new official set capacity in the near future:

Home Alone - McCallister's House

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary


The Earth Globe

while two others have recently (and only) been announced regarding their approval to become official sets:

Home Alone - McCallister's House

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary

Thanks to stonewars.de for letting us know the news.

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