Even the delivery boys are preparing for a national strike

Even the delivery boys are preparing for a national strike

At the heart of the disputes is the request for a national contract. In the meantime, an agreement has been signed to eradicate the scourge of illegal hiring

Presidium of the messengers at Palazzo Marino (photo: Claudio Furlan / LaPresse) Two days before the strike of the food delivery messengers proclaimed for March 26 by the RiderXiDiritti network, Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Assodelivery have signed, before the Minister of Labor, the experimental framework protocol for legality, against illegal hiring, illicit intermediation and labor exploitation in the food delivery sector. The organizations involved in the protection of riders welcome the signature as a step forward in the industrial relations system, but at the same time set the agenda to continue towards a national sector contract and relaunch the planned agitation, also inviting customers not to place orders on Friday.

The protocol is based on three key points. The first affirms the commitment of the companies associated with Assodelivery to adopt an organizational model suitable for preventing misconduct within a company (based on the provisions of Legislative Decree 231 of 2001), together with a code of ethics. The second assumes the commitment of the platforms not to resort to third-party companies, at least until a special register of the same platforms is created. The protocol against illegal hiring also aims to prevent the transfer of the rider profile for deliveries of goods on behalf of others, which would favor further exploitation practices, especially among foreign workers. The last point provides for the creation of a third party guarantee body, to monitor the working dynamics of the riders and report any reports to the Prosecutor's Office. This body will coordinate with the governance and monitoring table, in which workers and companies will participate.

"However, the right contractual safeguards must be guaranteed as soon as possible to the approximately 30 thousand workers concerned, in order to ensure decent working conditions, fair compensation, adequate security measures", recalls Uiltucs . The concept is relaunched by the Deliverance Milano network which puts in line the commitments, the convocation of the sector observatory for 1 April and two other tables: "The anti-Covid prevention protocol on health and safety" and the one concerning the core "Of the bargaining on rights and protections to be started and concluded as soon as possible".

To press the counterpart, the events organized in over twenty cities on the occasion of the No Delivery Day on March 26 remain confirmed, since the one signed between Assodelivery and Ugl remains an agreement strongly contested by the other intermediate bodies. A basic model could be indicated by the Charter of Bologna, according to Marco Lombardo, Councilor for Labor of the Municipality of Bologna, present at the signing of the protocol: "In Bologna, the signatory platforms of the Charter are already hiring with employment contracts, in application of collective agreements national (logistics and catering) and guarantee the participation of workers in #safedelivery initiatives (masks, personal protective equipment, rapid tests), put in place by the Municipality, in collaboration with the ASL and with the signatory parties. It is important that the policy creates a uniform regulatory framework, without delegating this responsibility to the judges of the courts ”.

The reference is to the investigation of the Milan prosecutor's office which a month ago challenged fines of 733 million euros to four food delivery companies, asking to apply the provisions of para-subordinate contracts to 60 thousand riders. Some companies have filed an appeal.

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