Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance | Preview

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance | Preview

Dungeons & Dragons

When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, the wonderful adventures faced with our friends always come to mind: epic fights, mysteries, comedy, drama. Obviously, the popular series has not only expanded thanks to novels, paper games and more, but has also found particular success in the field of video games, thanks to some of the best RPGs ever.

However, today , we are not talking about a pure role-playing game, but an Action-RPG called Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance developed by Tuque Games, which promises to combine galvanizing gameplay with the mysterious tales that populate the world of D&D.

Surely you will have a vague memory of that Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance released more than 15 years ago, but in reality we are talking about a totally new game, a spiritual sequel more focused on team play and above all with the visual in third person. For the occasion, we had the opportunity to try Dungeons & Dragon: Dark Alliance through a preview through Parsec, the well-known streaming system that has allowed us to carry out several hands on over the last few months. A test that has certainly left us with good feelings, but at the same time worried about a game that risks getting lost in the maze of gender redundancy.

Welcome to Icewind Dale

For the passionate, being able to relive the settings of the Forgotten Realm s again, certainly represents a first useful reason to approach Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Don't get us wrong, it won't be possible to visit all the locations, but only Icewind Dale, the frozen tundra located in the Frozenfar region of the North.

The story itself sees characters from the series of novels "The Legend of Drizzt" written by R.A. Salvatore, integrating protagonists such as Drizzt Do’Urden, Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar and Catti-Brie. The heroes, engaged in this adventure, are not only mere choices of gameplay and variety, but also and above all of lore and narration. For developers, in fact, it is important to keep an eye on Dungeons & Dragons and for what it represents for all fans.

An undoubtedly interesting premise, which helped us to take the first steps in this new Dark Alliance, in which the goal will be to fight against thousands of dark creatures, frost giants and vengeful dragons, becoming stronger and more unstoppable.

Dungeons & Dragon: Dark Alliance has allowed us since immediately to be able to play in single player or co-op multiplayer mode; in the first case we can interchange the chosen class - and consequently the character - in a dynamic way, while in a cooperative we should strategically decide who to choose between thief, barbarian, ranger and warrior.

We understand the idea very well. of Tuque Games not to detach too much from the tales of Dungeons & Dragons, we believe the initial choice of the heroes slightly poor, even if the developers themselves have assured us that their idea is to implement others over time. Not for anything else, the game is part of one of those cases in which post-launch support is essential to be able to give substance to the long-term experience.


Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is an Action-RPG focused on cooperation between players. If you have had the opportunity to play, for example, Warhammer Vermintide, we are talking about something vaguely very close.

The game provides us with a central HUB, where we can decide to buy equipment, upgrade it, get quests or change classes. From the same it is possible to subsequently access the various missions, available in various difficulties. It seems somewhat superfluous to reiterate it, but clearly a greater challenge will determine the possibility of finding more powerful objects dedicated to your class.

The search for loot is in fact the main source that pushes you to play, as in all Action- GDR. Again we have a personal loot and not a global one, so friends will not be able to see what we find from the enemies we kill or from the chests we open. Speaking of chests, it is very important to explore, perhaps detaching from the main road that the mission proposes, so as to be able to find hidden chests or objects useful for our survival.

The maps, in fact, are quite large and hide various secrets and challenges that allow you to obtain additional loot, even at the cost of entering into conflict with particular mini-bosses or other creatures.

Not for anything else, fights are the main component of the game, and it is of primary importance communicate with your friends to win certain battles, while taking advantage of the various skills of the heroes. To give you a practical example, the Thief is the one who is most likely to do critical damage, but it is important that the Ranger help from a distance and heal their companions, while the Barbarian and the Warrior are able to attract attention thanks to the own physical prowess. In short, a lot of harmony is needed, especially with the bosses at the end of the level, usually the most demanding and those that require more attention from a tactical point of view.

In general we are faced with a solid Action-RPG from the point of view of mechanics, with various possibilities of approach to fighting and a rather diversified gameplay. Interesting is the system that links the checkpoints during a quest. Basically we could decide to rest at a checkpoint, saving the position, or decide to continue without stopping, which will allow us to get a richer loot, but also to start the entire level over once we are dead. A positive and curious factor, which must however be tested in the review phase.

From a technical and graphic point of view we cannot tell you much, the reason is derived from the fact that we played in streaming, consequently it is very difficult to be able to give you an honest opinion on the matter. However, we can reassure you about the audio design and the general style, both of a good standard, complete with cutscenes for each mission start and the soundtrack that will accompany us for all our raids.

Pulling the Sums

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance aims to be a pleasant Action-RPG with solid mechanics and rather balanced longevity. The only real doubt revolves around the post-launch support of the game, which, in order to stay alive and concrete for a long time, must necessarily be constant, in order not to get lost in the chaos of similar games, which have populated our platforms for years. If you are passionate about everything related to D&D and can't wait to experience incredible adventures with your friends at Icewind Dale, then we recommend that you keep an eye on this title, waiting to get your hands on the final experience and be able to thus giving our final judgment.

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