Cant Drive This: Innovative couch co-op racing game put to the test

Cant Drive This: Innovative couch co-op racing game put to the test

Cant Drive This

"Drive your monster truck while your friend builds the track": With this short sentence from the Can't Drive This product page, this new game from the German indie developer studio Pixel Maniacs (from Nuremberg) is actually already fully described. One drives, one builds; and the charioteer drives too slowly, then the monster truck explodes. A simple principle of the game that provides plenty of fun.

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Game of Drones

Can't Drive This (buy now € 29.99) can be played locally with a maximum of four players, online there is a maximum of two players. The main mode called "Yardage" makes one player a farmer and the other a driver. The farmer sees the game world from above and, in the best Tetris fashion, is given sections of the route at random. From this he has to build a coherent and, in the best case, as easily mobile stretcher as possible for the driver, and as quickly as possible. The charioteer mustn't be too slow, otherwise his monster truck will explode. The aim of the game is to get the highest possible score, so the truck has to drive as far as possible. Can't Drive This: Innovative couch co-op racing game from Germany in the test (2) Source: Nintendo

In "Game of Drones" the team of two also consists of a farmer and a driver. Here, so-called "Holos" distributed in the game world have to be collected in order to unlock the next level. Meanwhile, a drone drops EMP bombs that need to be avoided. The "Capture the Egg" mode for four players is the classic "capture the flag", only with eggs instead of flags. You win for two points, i.e. two successfully stolen eggs and brought into your own warehouse. In the single player mode called "Lone Racer" you play alone and take turns as farmer and driver. The goal is to get as far as possible before the time limit expires. There are time bonuses for picking up the "Holos".

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Online ranking lists that have been integrated directly into the game are intended to provide additional motivation to play. You also have to unlock all kinds of unlockables in the garage. For the road sections these are new surfaces or patterns, for the monster truck there is more to unlock, namely numerous patterns, colors, noses, hats and spoilers. Further content in the form of additional modes and unlockable (purely cosmetic) content could appear after the release of Can't Drive This, if the game is successful enough, the developer Pixel Maniacs revealed on request.

Innovative game idea

The game developed with Unity will certainly not tear anyone's stool graphically, but the functional look is more than enough to provide fun. Can't Drive This works best as a couch co-op experience, ideally as part of a boozy evening with friends. At least when the pandemic is over at some point and such evenings are possible again. So far, this game scenario has been more of a dream than actually experienced reality, but online gaming already gives an idea of ​​it.

This not only works technically well before the release, it is also a lot of fun; especially if you are running an audio or video call and can talk to each other. Time limits, the minimum speed of the truck and the just-in-case construction of the route create a fun party feeling with hectic and chaos. The game idea is innovative and novel, which you can't say so often about games these days. In addition, there is the nice humor in the video tutorials and a coherent rock soundtrack. Can't Drive This: Innovative couch co-op racing game from Germany in the test (4) Source: Nintendo

Couch co-op notch

Can't Drive This will be the next global hit replacing Among Us or Fortnite? Probably not. It is quite possible, however, that the game will be called a matter of course in the future when it comes to fun and unusual multiplayer experiences that hit the notch of overcooked or moving out. It is a pity that there is no four-player mode online, but it could be added via an update after the release. It would be equally desirable to have more single player options than a single mode, which unfortunately isn't too much fun. Apart from that, however, you can use Can't Drive This on Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Playstation 5 (even as retail for the new Sony console!) To spend a great time with your friends - always and again and again, each time with the aim of cracking the last high score.

My opinion

By Johannes Gehrling


[email protected ] Chaotic couch co-op with multiplayer gameplay? There’s also from Germany! There is now a really wide selection of fun couch co-op games (with online modes) that hit a similar notch and know how to use chaos and hectic in a playful way. Overcooked is a kind of pioneer here, Moving Out also belongs to this type, and with Can’t Drive This is now also a game from a German indie developer. At the time of release, the game already offers enough content for many hours of play with friends, additional modes and more content for single players would be desirable in the future. The innovative game idea deserves special mention, which I have not come across in this (or at least similar) form so far. Personally, I'm also happy about the technically good playability of the Switch version. Can't Drive This (NSW) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Can't Drive This (PC) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Can't Drive This (PS4) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Can't Drive This (PS5) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Can't Drive This (XBO) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons Innovative game idea Fun multiplayer Motivating high score hunt Different modes Stable frame rate ...… but graphically only useful Single player rather boring Online no 4 player mode Other pros & Cons ... Conclusion Fun and innovative couch co-op for racing game fans.

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