A huge jpeg was auctioned for 70 million dollars

A huge jpeg was auctioned for 70 million dollars

"The first 5,000 days" by Beeple was sold with the method of non-fungible tokens by Christie's, marking a record in digital art auctions and in the blockchain world

"The First 5,000 days", the work of Beeple digital art (Christies' photo, detail) An eight-figure auction that the art world must take note of: the most expensive digital artwork ever and ever sold using the non-fungible method tokens (nft) was sold on March 11, sold for nearly $ 70 million online by auction house Christie's. The First 5,000 days by Beeple, a 39-year-old American graphic designer, is a collage of images that sparked the interest of 33 participants in the auction from all over the world, giving life over the course of two weeks to the most moneyed online auction ever. history. Mike Winkelmann, this is the real name, is now the third living artist in the world by selling price and, also for the auction house founded in 1776, it is a first time in what is now the crypto art movement.

Digital art is an artistic medium born since the advent of the pc, but until the recent advent of non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on the blockchain, even for the most celebrated digital artist it has always been impossible to claim your place in the art market. NFTs are like a sort of digital “lock” based on a long string of numbers and letters, which allows you to prove possession of a virtual or digital object. Unlike other encrypted assets, however, the NFT is unique in design and cannot be traded like cryptocurrencies or other assets. For some this is a passing trend, but others believe that in the future the role of a new generation of technologically advanced art collectors who could destabilize the system will be fundamental.

91% of those attending the record auction had never been a Christie's customer before, and nearly two-thirds were millennials or even younger. Just 3% the so-called "boomers". The NFTs purchased from Christie's are stored on digital Ethereum wallets, but those who have won the work will also receive a gigantic jpeg of several hundred megabytes. In 2007 Beeple decided that he would make one artistic image a day and since then he hasn't failed his promise even once. From this iron commitment was born the collage work The first 5 thousand days auctioned for exactly 69,346,250 dollars.

Di Winkelmann was also the previous sales record with the Ntf method, for 6.6 Millions of dollars. Thus, if so far there has never been a real way to own and collect digital works of art "with NFT things have changed", observes an enthusiastic artist, who announces: "We are witnessing the beginning of a new chapter in the history of art, digital art. This type of work has the same wisdom, message, charm and intention as any other made on canvas and I am honored to represent the digital art community in this historical moment ".

"The success of Beeple is a demonstration of the exciting possibilities in front of this nascent marketplace", confirms Noah Davis, postwar and contemporary art specialist at Christie's: "Today's result is a bell for all artists digital. Your work has value. Keep it up".

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