Zello: the app used by the Capitol Hill attackers

Zello: the app used by the Capitol Hill attackers
Apparently Parler was not the only communication channel used by the Capitol Hill attackers to coordinate their action: there is at least one other, Zello. To the most unknown, it is an app that acts as a walkie talkie for the rapid exchange of short voice messages. Some of the conversations of those who broke into the political heart of America on January 6 have ended up online on the pages of the Guardian.

We are in the main dome ... They are throwing grenades, they are shooting madly at people with bullets of paint, but we're in.

The walkie talkie app: Zello and the Washington attack

Attached to this article the translation of some of the messages sent in the most excited minutes on a channel called “STOP THE STEAL J6”. The name is a clear reference to the alleged electoral fraud that according to Donald Trump and some of his supporters would have allowed the Democratic candidate Joe Biden to win the US presidential elections and thus gain access to the White House.

Jess, do what you have to. It is what we have lived for. Everything we have prepared for.

Available on smartphones and computers, Zello claims to have a community of 150 million users. It offers a free formula and another premium for a fee. Adopts an anti-abuse policy, but apparently not entirely effective.

After the Capitol Hill events, his team eliminated over 2,000 channels believed to be linked to militarized movements or entities responsible for violent activity. Below is an excerpt from the official press release following the publication of the report by the Guardian.

With deep sadness and anger we discovered evidence of Zello being abused by individuals who assaulted Capito Hill last week… Moving on, we are concerned that Zello may be used in a way that is not allowed by the groups they have threatened to organize other potentially violent protests and to prevent the inauguration ceremony of the presidential term on January 20.

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