Trumpism on Parler: ultimatum from Apple and Google

Trumpism on Parler: ultimatum from Apple and Google
Now that Trump is definitively out of Twitter and temporarily also out of Facebook, the Parler alternative already considered in the middle of last year by the President himself after being subjected to fact checking by the two platforms is back in vogue. The social activity of its most troubled supporters seems to have already moved there, according to some reconstructions the assault on Capitol Hill on Wednesday was organized.

Apple and Google, ultimatum to Parler

To denounce it are active overseas organizations such as Sleeping Giants, calling into question Apple and Google to force Parler's top management to implement new rules in compliance with the laws and effective strategies for content moderation. Below is an example of the posts dating back to the hours of the raid.

Yesterday, we asked @AppStore and @GooglePlay to enforce their own Terms of Service on Parler based on the sheer number of violent threats on the platform with # PullParler.

Look at the VERY CLEAR terms set by these two app stores below:

- Sleeping Giants (@slpng_giants) January 8, 2021

The two Silicon Valley giants did not stand by and watch. According to what reported by BuzzFeed News, Apple and Google have moved, albeit in different ways, pronouncing themselves on the iOS and Android applications of the social network. The Cupertino group with a letter in which it granted Parler up to 24 hours to implement an effective moderation system, that of Mountain View by temporarily suspending the distribution of the app on the Play Store until the gap is filled. The replication of the platform was not long in coming, these are the words of CEO John Matze which we report in translated form.

We will not give in to the pressure of anti-competitive subjects! We will always apply our rules against violence and illegal activities. However, we will not give in to politically aligned companies and all authoritarians who hate freedom of expression! Whoever buys an Apple phone is only apparently a user. They seem to know what's best for you, deciding which apps you can and can't use.

Founded in 2018, Parler saw its popularity grow significantly last year in conjunction with the flare-up of the US election campaign , attracting a not indifferent slice of the Trumpian people, in particular those closest to the extremist fringes. Following Joe Biden's victory in the Presidential elections, many Republican supporters had already moved to the platform that defines itself as the Free Speech Social Network, an online beach structured in such a way as to guarantee full freedom of expression for all, without filters or censorship. any kind.

Source: BuzzFeed News

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