TicketOne: fine for abuse of dominant position

TicketOne: fine for abuse of dominant position
Over 10 million euros: this is the fine imposed by AGCM on TicketOne (controlled by the German group CTS Eventim) for abuse of dominant position. It is the result of an investigation launched in September 2018 precisely with the aim of detecting the possible implementation of dynamics or strategies that are harmful to the other players in the concert ticket market.

According to the Authority , TicketOne has implemented a complex abusive strategy of an exclusionary nature which has precluded competing ticketing operators from selling, in any way and through any channel, a particularly high proportion of tickets for live music events.

AGCM, fine of 10 million to TicketOne

The violation of article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union has been identified through a series of conducts implemented at least since 2013 and defined as "still ongoing". These include the stipulation of exclusive contracts with producers, organizers and promoters of events, the acquisition of national promoters (Di and Gi Srl, Friends & Partners SpA, Vertigo Srl and Vivo Concerti Srl) and the signing of commercial agreements with operators. of a minor or local dimension.

In its provision, the AGCM also refers to "retaliation and boycott behavior" against the Zed group and to actions aimed at excluding the competing operator Ticketmaster from the market. All this has had direct repercussions also on consumers, above all in terms of prices.

The implementation of the abusive strategy of the group has also harmed consumers because the dominant company was able to charge higher commissions for the sale of tickets for live music events than its competitors, also limiting the possibilities of choice and consumer purchase between the different ticketing operators.

In addition to the payment of the fine, the Authority has imposed on TicketOne to "grant competing ticketing operators the possibility of selling in any way and through any channel , under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions, at least 20% of the total tickets relating to live light music events produced or distributed by each promoter ". The will is to create the conditions for a more respectful scenario for the competition and for those who want to support the music industry by putting their hand in their wallets to attend the performances.

Source: AGCM

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