The best controllers for Microsoft Flight Simulator | January 2021

The best controllers for Microsoft Flight Simulator | January 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator, recently landed on PC, in a short time has depopulated on the main platforms dedicated to streaming, thanks to players intent on accepting more than one challenge. In fact, we have witnessed attempts to cross the entire world, a single state, make different types of landing and so on.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, moreover, was and still is an excellent Next Gen benchmark; among the few productions to open a small window on next generation hardware. Of course, all this goodness is currently only available on PC (and what a PC!), But the development team is working on the console versions, respectively One, Series S and X. As happened on PC, the game will certainly be included in the Game Pass library, so the advice is to at least give it a try, fan or non-fan of the world of digital aeronautics.

That said, not before referring you to the review edited by Andrea Riviera, today we will not tell you about the production itself, but the best controllers to enjoy it to the fullest, if you are not used to a mouse and keyboard. Obviously, needless to say, the best way to fully enjoy the experience is to connect a good Joystick, which is why we have also created an article in which you can find advice on the best peripherals to buy. Without further ado, let's get started right away!

The best controllers to play Microsoft Flight Simulator

Xbox controller elite series 2 (analog asymmetrical)

How not to start with elite controller series 2, spearhead between Xbox controllers. Launched last year, it represents, together with its younger brother, the best meeting point for the most demanding users, that is, those looking for a certain ergonomics, a good grip and lots of extra buttons to map to your liking. And this is perhaps the feature that brings it closer to Microsoft Flight Simulator, a title that, without any doubt, requires a nice stable grip, but also a free mapping of the keys, perhaps using the rear levers.

Although the cost is not trivial, we are talking about a price that oscillates between 150/170 euros, to report the complete compatibility with the future Series S and Series X, arriving next 10 November, a feature that it could at least incentivize you to buy. Unlike PlayStation 5, in fact, which with the new Dualsense will make the old Dualshock 4 incompatible, Microsoft - staying more or less on the same side - ensures full compatibility.

In short, if you have the necessary budget to invest, you will certainly not be disappointed.

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Xbox Series X | S controller

Arrived - obviously - in conjunction with the arrival of the two Microsoft consoles , this controller replaces the excellent Xbox One pad, establishing itself as the absolute best if we exclude the elites specifically designed for the upper ranges.

The reinterpretations have not been many, but they are all very significant. Let's start with the actual introductions, that is the create button (on PC mappable to your liking) and a directional cross that follows what is done by the elite model. We also have an excellent coating both in the lats and in the triggers and an excellent grip of the two handles.

In short, a pad that does not have many rivals around and which, consequently, is one of the best to enjoy to the fullest Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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PlayStation 4 controller (analog symmetrical)

We know, we know, many players they appreciate the symmetrical arrangement of the two analogs. Unfortunately, however, the market does not offer a lot of choice, especially if you are looking for a good peripheral. So here, like every time, the always excellent PlayStation 4 controller is called into question. Of course, don't expect a weight comparable to the Xbox counterpart, and not even map keys or special features: the Dualshock 4 simply offers you a comfortable gaming peripheral, no more, no less.

Warning: the controller will not be automatically recognized by the game, as is the case with the entire Xbox controller family, therefore a complete key assignment will be required. This assignment will only have to be done once, as the next time you log into Microsoft Flight Simulator your settings will automatically load.

Clearly, as for the vast majority of controllers, you can also use it on other titles, regardless of the launcher used, whether it is Steam, Epic or the Microsoft Store.

For only around 60 euros, you will take home a good controller.

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The cheapest controller

If you are looking for a good controller but, at the same time, you don't want to spend a fortune, don't it would be a bad idea to think about falling back on the old but still great Xbox 360 controller. Its price is around 20 euros and its qualities are still undisputed today. You will certainly remember that, only a couple of years ago, it was still among the most used controllers on PC, which is why we recommend it if you are looking for a controller to play Microsoft Flight Simulator. Only note, the controller is absolutely not compatible with Xbox One and it will not be compatible with the upcoming Series S and X, so be aware that you are buying a controller to be used only on PC and Xbox 360, if you still have it.

As a last tip, however, although it may seem strange enough, we mention the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Mind you: it has triggers without stroke, therefore comparable to simple elongated buttons, but it is very comfortable and has a rather resistant grip. Its price is slightly lower than a traditional Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller, but considerably lower - for obvious reasons - than elite controllers. It will certainly not be a first choice, but it is worth the asking price. If nothing else, you will have a controller to use on Nintendo Switch as well.

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