Tesla Model Y simplifies the manufacturing process

Tesla Model Y simplifies the manufacturing process
The American giant Tesla has officially started production of the Model Y with a structural upgrade, in fact, thanks to huge investments in research and development, Elon Musk's team has managed to scale an important part of the rear end of the car; for comparison, on Model 3 this same part is made up of 70 different elements that require welding while on Model Y it only goes down to 2 huge sections.

This, in addition to advantages in terms of torsional rigidity, also brings enormous benefits from the production point of view, requiring significantly less time in the assembly phase and limiting the margin of error; Musk also stated that Tesla has no intention of stopping the development of similar solutions, in fact the goal is to get to just one piece.

These new solutions are enabled by an innovative aluminum casting machine, the largest in the world, which has allowed Tesla to produce this incredible component; the machine dates back to September 2020 and was spotted outside the Californian factory in Fremont as it is far too large to be placed inside.

Some users on Twitter, in the midst of accessory installation operations of third parties noticed that their Model Ys were equipped with the new component and shared the photo with the world, also mentioning the VIN for the first sighting, 97k.

Model Y single piece rear casting!

VIN 97k, delivered 12/23/2020. Thanks @TeslaFrunk for the rear kick sensor installation pic.twitter.com/jkIGwX265v

- Tony Pham - “Quick Bandit” license plate mount (@ TonyTesla4Life) January 10, 2021

The idea that Tesla wants to simplify the production of its cars as much as possible fits perfectly with the strategy of dominating the market to which Elon has accustomed us; by facilitating construction, production costs are also reduced, managing to increase the quantity of cars produced daily and also decreasing the starting price.

Some rumors also refer to an upcoming car $ 25,000 for Tesla to be able to please all segments of the population and facilitate the migration to electric.

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