Surgical masks: white, black or pink?

Surgical masks: white, black or pink?
In the first months of the pandemic, there were many innovative proposals with which we tried to evolve the concept of the mask, imagining replacement protective filters, particular formats or alternative materials. The reality of the facts, however, has shown once again that "less is more", gradually bringing back the choice towards surgical masks. In this case, quality is guaranteed by production, while the format is guaranteed by experience. Only one element is left to the discretion of individuals and the exceptional nature of the context: the color.

White, black or pink?

The traditional format is white and blue, colors with which are identified the two sides of the mask and which distinguish the original context (that typical of hospitals). Now that the mask has become an element of collective scope, to the point of becoming a real accessory to combine with the rest of the clothing, the color wants its part. Here are two possible alternatives, first of all drawing on the classic taste:

white surgical masks (31.8 cents each) black surgical masks (34 cents each thanks to the coupon with an additional 5% discount) pink surgical masks (37.8 cents each thanks to the coupon with a further discount of 5%)

Prices in line with traditional production, therefore, but with a different touch to make it more pleasant to use when on the streets, in shops and among other people.

Safety and elegance where innovation has not arrived

Where technology has not been able to evolve the offer for personal protection, thus failing to break through the low cost of " surgical ", the low cost offer has become an almost universal standard (flanked by community masks, often problematic from many points of view. For those who have chosen surgery, however, there are also other color shades and Amazon is generous with options in this sense, but the origin, certification and quality of the materials used are not always clear: design and elegance become appreciable aspects only when safety is a fixed point.

The mask has become these months as an important message of altruism and collectivity: it represents the care of individuals towards others, thanks to a tool that defends others from the droplet and the diffusion in the air of a potentially contagious aerosol. If altruism is dressed in elegance, net of quality certified by "made in Italy", it can only be a plus.

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