Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Active 2: Here comes a much loved Apple Watch feature

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Active 2: Here comes a much loved Apple Watch feature
Samsung has announced that it has extended the availability of two very important functions such as the ability to perform an ECG (electrocardiogram) and monitor blood pressure on the latest smartwatches launched on the market. Specifically, we refer to the Galaxy Watch 3, which arrived much more recently, and to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Among the 31 countries that will have access to these features, Italy is also included in addition to other European nations and Chile, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 To date, this possibility had only been given to users from South Korea and the United States. In order for this functionality to be released also in our parts, approval from the EU side was necessary, apparently arrived in recent weeks and which will allow many new users to be able to take full advantage of the health monitoring features related to new smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 The Seoul giant has also developed a new app called Samsung Health Monitor, developed to record and monitor blood pressure and ECG. It goes without saying that this is a much awaited and useful addition, especially in this pandemic period. The detection of blood pressure is in fact a fundamental parameter for detecting any arterial hypertension in the user, a determining factor in preventing the risk of stroke, heart failure, myocardial infarctions and the possibility that aneurysms may arise.

Specifically, the smartwatch will use the sensor developed to monitor the heartbeat, in order to obtain a reference value. Once this is done, the blood pressure measurement will start and a warning will be shown when the measured value is significantly different from the one taken as a reference. Samsung recommends calibrating at least once a month.

The other novelty is the possibility of carrying out an electrocardiogram, an indispensable function to clearly identify the possibility that episodes of atrial fibrillation may develop, that is an alteration at the regular rhythm of the heartbeat. In this case too, the smartwatch will have to perform a first calibration after which, at the same time as the app it will be possible to check the heartbeat and in the event of anomalies a warning will be shown.

To correctly measure the heart rate, Samsung recommends that you take a comfortable position, preferably sitting down, make sure the watch is snug against your wrist, rest your forearm on a flat surface and start the Samsung Health Monitor app. It will then be necessary to press and hold the button shown on the watch for 30 seconds.

ECG detection The Galaxy Watch 3 has been defined by many experts in the sector as the direct rival of the Apple Watch, only until today it was flawed of several shortcomings from the point of view of health monitoring, considering that ECG tracking has been made available since Apple Watch Series 4.

Continuous heart rate monitoring therefore also arrives on Samsung smartwatches together to the possibility of monitoring blood pressure, two functions that will certainly help to reduce the gap with the Apple counterpart. The Health Monitor app, along with the new additions, will be available to users starting February 4th. One more reason to buy them?

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