Resident Evil 8 Village: Producer talks about technical advantages of the PS5

Resident Evil 8 Village: Producer talks about technical advantages of the PS5
Capcom releases the Resident Evil 8 Village demo for download: The trial version is available exclusively for PlayStation 5. After technical difficulties, the demo is now also available on the German PSN. Note that you need a PS Plus membership to access the trial version. The Maiden demo is an experience that is independent of the main game - a kind of short story set in the world of Resident Evil 8 Village. You can find impressions from the test version in a video at this link.

In a recent entry on the PlayStation blog, producer Peter Fabiano gives a closer look at the technology of Resident Evil 8 Village - and explains how the team is using the technical Took advantage of the PS5. "You will be able to enjoy the ray tracing and 3D audio of the PS5," comments the producer, adding that the demo has been designed to take full advantage of the technology that will be included in the main game. For the demo and the main game of Resident Evil 8 Village, the goal was to "develop a game with beautiful graphics, high frame rates and short loading times".

Resident Evil 8: PS5 demo now also available on German PSN

The demo "The Maiden" for Resident Evil Village for PS5 is not available in Germany. When can Playstation 5 owners get started? PC XSX PS5 0

Resident Evil 8 Village: Demo exclusively for PS5 - Video shows complete run

The Resident Evil 8 Village demo is available for download exclusively for PS5. A new video shows a complete run. 0

PC Games 02/21 with cover story about the hits 2021

The PC Games 01/21 with cover story about Cyberpunk 2077, tests on Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Call of Duty and much more. m. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1365583,1365559,1365543,1365080'; The producer continues: "Thanks to the technology we mentioned in the showcase, the director was able to fully realize his vision of how the game should play and the art director was able to fully realize his vision of what the game should look like." This should be reflected in the demo as well as in the full version in the environments, objects and character models. You can read many more details about Resident Evil 8 Village in our detailed preview. Resident Evil 8 Village is coming to PC, PS5 / PS4 and XBOX.

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