Quiplash 2: The multiplayer fun full of stupid answers in the test

Quiplash 2: The multiplayer fun full of stupid answers in the test
We mentioned Quiplash briefly when we tested the last Jackbox party game package. But now it's all going again, because Quiplash 2 was also released individually in the form of Interlashional at a very affordable price - and completely in German, including the option of creating or downloading your own episodes with texts you wrote yourself! But let's take a look at what kind of game is Quiplash?

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1 Being funny on command 2 The last lash 3 Do you speak German?

Being funny on command

In the broadest sense, Quiplash is a party game. However, it is not about skill like in a Mario party, instead wit and repartee are in the foreground. Up to eight participants can play Quiplash. Should you have more colleagues, the surplus people will take their seats in the audience. You may not write any answers yourself, but you are at least allowed to vote. For quiplash duels you need an internet connection and as many input devices in the form of smartphones as there are other players - so it is completely sufficient if you only have one set controller, because with its help you only start the round and operate the menu. Then all players log into the jackbox.tv website and enter the four-digit room code that is set for the group at each round.

Source: Jackbox Games Source: Jackbox Games Theoretically, anyone who knows the room code can participate, but you can also start private sessions in the options menu. Should you stream the screen of your switch, it is also possible to have fun with friends who are not sitting in the living room. All entries are made with the cell phone, where all players are asked questions or they have to add terms in a sentence. There is a certain time window available for this, when everyone is finished, the confrontation begins. Two group members always get the same so-called prompt, i.e. the same task. The answers are compared with their names, and it is now up to the remaining participants to decide which post receives the points. Whoever gets more than half of the votes, emerges as the winner of the round, there is a bonus if all viewers were in agreement and an answer convinced all those present - that is a quiplash.

The last lash

If a player cobs all votes of the participants with his answer, that's a quiplash - and it rains points! Source: Jackbox Games If it was everyone's turn, the second round starts, in which twice as many points are distributed, and then the third and last act of a game of Quiplash follows: everyone gets the same prompt on their mobile phone, so everyone plays against everyone else. Since you usually don't have enough after a round, it is very practical to start the next episode with the same constellation of participants at the push of a button. The fun stands and falls with the participant environment: Together with close friends or family, Quiplash can be very, very funny, insider jokes are born here or ennobled with points records. Of course, under these circumstances it is not necessarily suitable for minors, especially not if you download episodes created by other players.

If younger participants are at the start, a certain degree of youth protection can be activated in the options, among other things with the censorship of words or by avoiding suggestive prompts. However, the game has no influence on the contributions of the users and of course neither on the texts written by the players. It only helps to appeal to the morals of friends and family members. If you are multilingual, you can also put your humor to the test in English, French, Italian and Spanish, you can also set this in the options.

Do you speak German?

The German translation was not entirely flawless, but Quiplash is now accessible to a much larger (and younger) audience. If you already own Quiplash in a Jackbox party collection and are satisfied with the English version, then there is no reason to strike again - unless you also want to play with your younger siblings or people who don't speak English. The price of around nine euros is definitely justified for the many hours of fun - provided you and your friends have a bit of humor.

Quiplash 2: Interlashional is for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch available. You are also welcome to read our tests on Jackbox Party Pack 6 and Jackbox Party Pack 5!

My opinion

By Katharina Pache

Chief Editor

[email protected ] I would have liked to test Quiplash 2 Interlashional under different circumstances. Actually, I organize party evenings at regular intervals where the Jackbox collections are played up and down. At the moment this is only possible via the Internet, which is fun, but not as much as when you sit on the sofa together. This also explains why I had to use press photos for this test as an exception: I was not able to take my own screenshots during the test sessions this time! I can assure you, however, that the graphics quality corresponds to that in the official pictures - no wonder considering the simplicity, but the appearance is not the main concern here. The iconic music from Quiplash 2, known from the Jackbox package, is back at the start. It immediately triggers a grin on me. In any case, one thing is certain: If it is possible to celebrate together again, Interlashional will definitely not be missing! Quiplash 2: Interlashional (PC) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Quiplash 2: Interlashional (PS4) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Quiplash 2: Interlashional (NSW ) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Quiplash 2: Interlashional (XBO) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pro & Contra Simple principle ensures great fun Simply play on your mobile phone Finally German texts High maximum number of players Creation of your own prompts possible Fun factor depends to a large extent on the participants Mistakes in the translations Internet connection required Other pros & cons ... Conclusion Great fun in German too: Quiplash 2 is an entertaining humor duel!

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