Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy Taro) Figuarts Zero: the review

Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy Taro) Figuarts Zero: the review
After the impressive and incredible success of the Wano saga of the One Piece series, Tamashii Nations and Bandai Spirits release on the market a series of figures for the Figuarts Zero line, taken from this amazing story arc starting from the main protagonist: Monkey D. Luffy who on this particular occasion will be called Luffy Taro. The full release will consist of the Straw Hat crew members: Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Nico Robin, Chopper, Franky and Brook.

The character

Monkey D. Luffy is the pirate nicknamed Straw Hat who advances along the Rotta Maggiore in complete freedom. Luffy who, during the search for the One Piece treasure, crossed several stormy seas, made a name for himself after the Battle for Supremacy, who thanks to two years of training has further perfected the powers of the Devil Fruit Gom Gom. Gom gom fruit: by eating it, the whole body is completely flexible, just like a gum. This power makes it possible for immediate attacks that exploit bounces and elasticity and movements at great speed. In addition, the remarkable flexibility of the rubber completely cancels impact damage, such as those due to bullets.

The packaging

A large part of the box is made of white cardboard with a central display case made of transparent plastic that allows us to immediately glimpse the contents. On the upper left side we find the holographic stamp which identifies that the product is original while on the right the name of the Figuarts Zero line. The lower part is occupied by the name of the character, the logos of One Piece, Tamashii Nations and Bandai Spirits. On the back there are the most beautiful images that, in addition to the details, show us a photo of the complete diorama that we are going to build with the next releases. Extracted from the blister, the statue is still wrapped inside a transparent plastic sheet that is very easy to remove. In addition to the figures we will find two transparent pins of different sizes, which allow us to support Monkey D. Luffy in the air (even if it will be used one at a time), in fact thanks to the instruction booklet we have learned that the longer one is needed to be displayed together to the other characters in the crew in order to be taller. At the end we find a completely new base for this rhomboid-shaped line of transparent blue color, which also has the print imprinted with clouds and cherry blossom petals as well as a Japanese writing which should be the name of the character.

Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy Taro)

The figure of Monkey D. Luffy is a static made of PVC about 14 cm high and represents the pirate jumping and pulling his sword from its sheath. The kimono Luffy wears is red in color, without any shades and various blue polka dot decorations. The classic straw hat that represents the protagonist is positioned on the shoulders showing the very particular hair used on Wano. Not being able to count on the musculature of the character, the sculpt gives its best in the realism of the folds of the kimono that impresses exceptionally for the level of detail. Even if they are overshadowed, all the elements that are not noticed initially are also made particularly well such as the hat on the back, the Katana sheath and the sandals.

Our Video Review


As huge fans of the manga we were really very happy and satisfied to review this first product of a long series of releases (which we hope to review all) dedicated to the Wano saga. Being the first release it is still easily available and whether you want to start the collection of a new diorama now or have an alternative version of the Monkey D. Luffy this figure is definitely for you.

Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy Taro ) is already available in stores at an indicative price of € 39.90, Tamashii Nations is distributed in Italy by Cosmic Group.

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