iPhone: iOS 14.4 will warn the user if the camera is not original

iPhone: iOS 14.4 will warn the user if the camera is not original
In the second beta of iOS 14.4 made available by Apple these days for developers and public beta testers, Steve Moser, a collaborator of MacRumors, managed to track down a code that would indicate how Apple intends to introduce a new warning on iPhones that have undergone a repair or replacement of the camera with non-original components.

Specifically, if a non-original photographic sensor is detected, perhaps replaced by an unauthorized service center, an alert will appear on the iPhone screen in the information system and probably also a notification, for a short period of time, saying: “Unable to verify that this iPhone has an original Apple camera”.

Source: support.apple.com The notice in question from Apple's part would not affect the ability to use the iPhone in any way, but this information has yet to be confirmed. What has been described would represent the continuation of a strategy implemented by Apple and aimed at contrasting the diffusion of non-original components implemented within the company's devices.

It is important to remember that the Cupertino company, starting from the iPhone 11, it has added the possibility of making a message appear on the display in the event that a non-original display is found and the same also happens with third-party batteries which also causes the function to be disabled which allows you to check the health of the batteries themselves. We could therefore expect a new official document from Apple that will invite users to pay more and more attention to iPhone repairs so that they are carried out only by authorized technicians and with original components.

Source: support.apple.com Last year, the well-known iFixit portal carried out the usual teardown on the new iPhone 12 and discovered that the replacement of the camera modules was linked to an authorization request software that would have allowed it to work properly, a step absent on previous iPhones. Failure to complete this step could cause camera problems or an incorrect response to the sensor command.

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