Greedfall, PS + game of the month: our walkthrough and guides

Greedfall, PS + game of the month: our walkthrough and guides
GreedFall is one of the three Playstation Plus games of the month. You can therefore download it to your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 if you subscribe to the service from Sony. This action-RPG propels you into a fantasy world with a semblance of 17th century Europe. On the continent, a fatal and incurable disease is decimating the population: the Malichore. You will therefore have to discover an island full of resources, colonize it and find a cure for the disease. To complete the game of Spiders and Focus Home Interactive 100% and save humanity, you can count on complete guide to GreedFall, consisting of the walkthrough of the main story and side quests, as well as a guide to legendary gear.

Complete GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough

The first part of the GreedFall Walkthrough introduces you to everything related to the story missions. You will not only find the path necessary to accomplish the various objectives to be met, but also some advice allowing you to solve problems simply.

A cure for Malichor An ancient secret Coup d'état - Betrayal! The fate of Constantine A new threat

Complete solution of the side quests of GreedFall

This section of the solution of GreedFall details each of the side missions. GreedFall being a relatively open-ended RPG, there are several solutions to every problem, and the solutions we will offer you are not necessarily the ones that will suit you the best.

Before departure The shadows of the guard The children of Teer Fradee In the name of science The researches of Monsieur Courcillon At the origins of Thélème The secret of the Nautes Quests of Vasco Quests of Kurt Quests of Petrus Quests of Aphra Siora Quests.

Complete Guide to Legendary GreedFall Gear

This final part of the GreedFall solution gathers all the information about the legendary gear you will need. These are weapons, pieces of armor or amulets that you can recover during certain missions, by opening very specific chests hidden in the regions you will visit, or as rewards after reaching a certain rank with particular factions. As legendary equipment, these items are among the most powerful in the game, and we strongly recommend that you collect them as soon as possible.

Legendary weapons Legendary armors Legendary amulets Also read: Our GreedFall test List GreedFall Trophies and Achievements Summary of the Complete GreedFall Guide

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