Games with Gold: List of "Free" games for February - this time with five Xbox games

Games with Gold: List of Free games for February - this time with five Xbox games
Microsoft announces the list of new "free" games for Games with Gold. In February 2021, subscribers to the online service will also receive selected Xbox games that they can download as part of their membership at no additional cost. This time there are five "free" games - one more than in previous months. One of the highlights is Gears 5, which will be available for download for Xbox One from January 1st to 28th. On Xbox Series X you experience the brute shooter with technical adjustments and optimizations. During the same period, the new version of Resident Evil will also be available "free of charge" via Games with Gold. The classic is available on Xbox One.

Between February 16 and March 15, you will get "free" access to the full version of Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition for Xbox One. In this Metroidvania-style platformer, you slip into the role of the heroine Dandara and try to save the salt world from destruction. By the way: The PC version of the platform will be available for free in the Epic Games Store in the coming week.

Games with Gold: These games will be available "for free" in January 2021

Microsoft has now named the games that will be given to you in January 2021 as part of an Xbox Live Gold -Get membership "free".

PS Plus and Games with Gold: Free games in December for PS5 & Xbox Series X

The lists of "Free" games for PS Plus and Games with Gold in December 2020 have been finalized. You can find out all the details in our overview.

Games with Gold: These are the "free" games of December 2020

Microsoft has announced the "free" games that you will get in December if you have an Xbox Live Gold Membership. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1365589,1364093,1362569,1362452'; In February 2021, Xbox 360 players will again receive the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb adventure and the first-person shooter Lost Planet 2. We have the individual dates ready below. To gain access, you need an active membership with Xbox Live Gold - the annual subscription costs around 60 euros.

The latest reports about a price increase in subscription costs have now been confirmed: Microsoft is now offering a six-month subscription in the USA for just under $ 60. Previously, the annual subscription could be bought for just under 60 US dollars, until Microsoft suddenly removed it from its store in July 2020. The monthly subscription costs $ 10.99 from now on in the USA, the three-month membership costs 29.99 dollars. Information for Germany is not yet available.

Games with Gold: The new games in February 2021

Gears 5 - February 1 to 28 - Xbox One, Xbox Series

X Resident Evil - February 1st through February 28th - Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition - February 16 through March 15 - Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - February 1st through 15th - Xbox 360 , One and Series X

Lost Planet 2 - February 16-28 - Xbox 360, One, Series X

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