FarmVille and Adobe Flash Player, the end of an era

FarmVille and Adobe Flash Player, the end of an era
2020 has just ended and with it the well-known management simulator of an online farm, FarmVille, goes forever. As has been known for some time, Adobe has decided to no longer support Flash Player, a software that allowed access to multimedia content through the internet, which is considered insecure and heavy. This is why the end of this support, in favor of other more modern and safe tools. It is precisely for this reason that FarmVille closes its doors forever, after a 12-year career, as it needed Flash Player to work.

Zynga, the game's manufacturer, had already announced it in September. And so, let's say goodbye to what has probably been Facebook's most popular game. FarmVille had started his career on the well-known social network in 2009 and in less than two months he had managed to register the number of 10 million active daily users. Indeed, the latter had reached 30 million at the peak of its popularity.

FarmVille needed perseverance to optimize the farm's productive activities and to avoid damage to the crop. For this reason, the game had won the dislike of some, as it was possible to obtain some bonuses and help by asking friends directly - filling them with continuous notifications. Also, to obtain the same results it was possible to pay, with real money and, contrary to what one might think, the latter option was chosen by many, considering that in 2013 Zynga had declared that the total payments made in FarmVille had exceeded the billion dollars.

Recently, however, when Zynga had announced the end of FarmVille, she had been forced to block all types of payments and purchases for the game. Thus goes the iconic game of Zynga, as well as a piece of Facebook history, being one of the first successful games of the well-known social network, regardless of the pleasant or traumatic memories that each of us has of the game. That of Zynga, however, will not be a real goodbye, since it is already at work on FarmVille 3, a new edition for mobile devices. However, at the moment, we don't know more. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments section.

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