Facebook entrusts Trump's fate on the social network to its oversight committee

Facebook entrusts Trump's fate on the social network to its oversight committee

The Oversight Board, the committee of external experts, will have to decide whether to expel the former president of the United States forever from the platform

(Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images) Facebook entrusts the Oversight Board, the its independent supervisory body, the decision regarding the indefinite suspension of the Facebook and Instagram accounts of former US President Donald Trump.

The Oversight Board is a committee composed of experts from all over the world , external to Menlo Park, with the power to impose binding decisions regarding the blocking of content on Facebook.

After the first "light" cases taken in charge and still awaiting a verdict, Facebook has referred to the judgment of the forum a far more thorny decision, namely to choose whether to make the expulsion of Donald Trump from his social networks permanent.

Following the uprising on the Capitol, Facebook, like Twitter, has opted for indefinitely suspend the accounts of the former president. In doing so, he specified that Trump would no longer be able to access his accounts while he was still in office, without unbuttoning the length of the block.

Nick Clegg, Facebook's vice president of global affairs, wrote in a blogpost that the social network believes it is important for the board to investigate the case and come to an independent judgment.

While the Oversight Board discusses the case, Donald Trump's accounts will remain suspended. The supervisory body will also be responsible for providing recommendations and comments on how to deal with the blocking of a political leader's account in the future.

Stop Parler's appeal

In the meantime, still with regard to the "digital" consequences of the events of January 6, a federal judge rejected the appeal filed by the Parler app against Amazon after its cloud service, Amazon Web Services, took it offline. According to the court, the evidence presented by the lawyers of the controversial conservative social network is insufficient.

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