Electric motorcycles: the 5 most interesting models on the market

Electric motorcycles: the 5 most interesting models on the market
The automotive market has been undergoing a major change in recent months, also due to the anti-pollution regulations introduced by the European Union that have prompted many brands to devote themselves to alternative engines - mainly electric - well before initially estimated. The motorcycle market is following, forgive me for the joke: despite the fact that most of the major motorcycle manufacturers have not yet equipped themselves to offer models powered by an electric engine on the market, we already have several interesting proposals made by other brands, usually born ad hoc to enter a market that has a lot of potential.

There are two main aspects that are slowing down the spread of electric motorcycles: given the limited space on board, it is not possible to install large capacity batteries on electric motorcycles , and consequently the autonomy is not the best. The problem can be overcome by installing latest generation chargers, which allow shorter charging times. The second reason is the purchase price: for many the motorbike is a hobby and a passion, rather than a means of transport with functional purposes, and the average figures at which electric motorcycles are sold are still very high and frighten buyers; in this case we can not help but wait, over the years the prices will drop because the supply chain will be more and more tested.

The task is not easy, convincing enthusiasts that electric is not the absolute evil will be a 'really difficult task, but it is necessary to try because it will inevitably be one of the ways to go once petrol is abandoned as a fuel.

The market already offers an interesting variety of vehicles dedicated to all needs, we have tried to select the five most interesting models.

The exception that proves the rule: Harley-Davidson LiveWire

It is the first, and probably only, concrete example of an electric motorcycle produced by a brand that has made motor history Thermal: the Harley-Davidson LiveWire made a lot of talk in the months leading up to its market launch, which took place at the beginning of 2020. Able to travel approximately 230 km on city streets, the first electric of the Milwaukee house can take from 0 to 100 in just 3.5 seconds thanks to a 105 horsepower electric motor and a 15.5 kWh battery.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire is available in Italy at a price of € 34,200.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

For off-road: KTM Freeride e-XC 200

If you are passionate about enduro, you will certainly know that in Italy it is increasingly difficult to do it without incurring penalties; KTM gives us a hand, which has created the Freeride e-XC 200, an electric version of its almost homonymous EXC from enduro with heat engine, to allow enduro to significantly reduce noise and environmental pollution.

The 2020 version includes a 3.9 kWh battery - against the 2.6 of the previous one - sufficient for an hour and a half of use, difficult to translate into kilometers traveled since off-road travel is much slower than on asphalt. Despite its off-road vocation, the KTM Freeride e-XC 200 is perfectly usable also on the road, and is very light and manageable, easy to drive even for beginners.

KTM Freeride e-XC 200 is available in Italy at a price of € 11,825.

KTM Freeride e-XC 200

To feel like a rider: Energica Ego RS

During 2020, the Italian company Energica presented the update package "RS" - Sport Department, which made it possible to significantly improve performance across the entire range offered by the company. The sportiest model is called Ego and is capable of reaching a top speed of 241 km / h. Energica offers the Ego at a starting price of 19,664 euros in the version with a 13.4 kWh battery, while it reaches 24,419 € for the increased battery of 21.5 kWh, with which it is possible to travel about 400 km in the city, and 200 in the combined cycle.

Energica Ego RS

To cover many miles: Zero SR

Zero Motorcycles is probably the company with the most experience to date, having offered over the years a varied and complete range of electric proposals. One of the latest creations is called Zero SR, and it is a bike that makes ease of use its strong point, considering that the aesthetics are anything but flashy. Zero SR is a compact naked equipped with an engine of about 70 horsepower, able to travel more than 280 km in the city.

The starting price of the Zero SR is 18,400 euros, with the possibility of buying apart from a quick charger that allows you to bring the battery back to 100% charge in just over 2 hours.

Zero SR

Spend a little: Super SOCO TC Max

If the prices of electric motorcycles scare you, know that there are cheaper alternatives: we have chosen the Super SOCO TC Max for this category, sold at a list price of € 4,890. The TC max is a small two-wheeler equipped with an engine equivalent to that of a 125cc (3900W of power), reaches a maximum speed of 95 km / h and has a range of about 110 km. The cafe racer style and refined materials make it a very interesting bike for the price at which it is offered, and the prospects further improve when it is discovered that it is possible to install an optional second battery to double the range.

The Super SOCO TC Max is a great way to get around the city, but also for short trips out of town.

Super Soco TC Max

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