Cashback: is your trade valid? Guide to use

Cashback: is your trade valid? Guide to use
Often and gladly these days complaints, interpretations and posts on social networks related to the cashback theme have been read, for which a certain confusion has arisen over time. The "game" is actually very simple in itself, but it requires an understanding of the basic terms of the project and the various exceptions that nestle in the complex and variegated cashless payment system.

How to understand if your transaction is valid for cashback purposes, then? How to understand if some transaction has not been incorrectly calculated by the IO App? How to be sure, therefore, that you are doing everything possible to guarantee both your Cashback (10% on payments) and your chances of competing for Super Cashback (1500 euros six-monthly to 100,000 users with the highest number of transactions assets)?

Cashback: why can't I see the operation on the IO app?

First of all, don't think that the operations are immediately counted, since the IO app is only the ultimate terminal of a long process that involves various actors. It may take several days before an operation is validated and therefore to be able to see it correctly registered on the app. The reasons may be various, linked both to the timing of accounting for transfers by the reference bank (3 days on average, but in some cases even more), and to further delays. But PagoPa ensures a fundamental point: the delayed display of valid transactions on the IO app does not affect any right to a refund.

At the same time, not all operations are to be considered valid a priori, since they must comply with all the conditions set out in the Cashless Italia Plan. In this case, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to two important aspects:

joining the Cashback is voluntary not only for citizens but also for operators in the payment sector. Already at the start of the program, the market coverage was around 90%. A transaction may not have been recognized because it was managed through Acquirers not yet affiliated; these are the subjects that supply the acceptance devices (such as POS) to commercial establishments. At this link the list of Acquirers participating to date. the transaction may not have been registered because it took place through a payment instrument that at the moment it is not yet possible to register for Cashback (eg: a card valid both as PagoBANCOMAT and as a debit card on the second circuit; apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or similar). At this link the list of payment methods that can already be saved on the IO app. Therefore, if a transaction does not fall within the cases indicated (for example because the app used has not signed the partnership with the program), it cannot inevitably be calculated.

What to do if an operation is not contemplated ?

Having the receipt relating to the transaction available is a completely valid way to be able to pursue your dispute, since this is the first document required by the assistance in order to verify whether it may be a particular case not contemplated from the traditional modus operandi.

Before carrying out a new flame on Facebook or a complaint to technical assistance, however, it is necessary to have thoroughly examined the previous cases: in this phase of starting the Plan, in fact, no all payment systems are calculated and not always a payment that is considered common could be included in the cashback rules. The punctual checks on the receipts are therefore a temporary solution to carry out further checks on those who believe they are on the side of reason.

PagoPA reassures us of a further construction site already open: the possibility of activating the debit cards on the second circuit of your PagoBancomat card: most of the problems recorded up to now in relation to the Maestro circuit will be solved.

In these hours the Super Cashback ranking has appeared on the IO app and this has probably further increased the pressure on PagoPA by those who have not well understood the nature of the project: maximum clarity, for the purpose of better awareness, is the first basis for making a system that would like to be based on dynamics really effective of "game" and competition through clear and equal rules for all.

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