Biden's inauguration ceremony in the White House is at security risk because of Trump

Biden's inauguration ceremony in the White House is at security risk because of Trump

Ahead of the official certification of the election results by Congress, the last step before January 20, Trump supporters are gathering in Washington D.C. to protest - armed - against the victory of the president-elect

(photo: David Ryder / Getty Images) On Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 January, the most extremist supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump met in the federal capital Washington DC, in view of the upcoming official certification by the Congress of the votes cast by the Electoral College (already certified last month by the individual federal states). This is the last phase before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, which will mark his inauguration in the White House and the beginning of his term.

What is usually more a symbolic event for the US electoral process, this year has turned into a moment of tension, due to the unfounded allegations of fraud that Trump has been spreading relentlessly since last November 3. On the occasion of the formal count by Congress, Washington D.C. he mobilized the National Guard to contain the crowd of supporters of the outgoing president, intent on protesting against Biden's (according to them, "false") victory.

Police in the US capital have installed signs throughout the city center to warn that carrying "any type of firearm is illegal" and the police chief, Robert Contee, asked residents to warn the authorities if they see any of the demonstrators armed. "There are people willing to come to our city with guns," Contee said. In fact, from January 4 to 7, restrictions on the transport of firearms were introduced throughout the Washington D.C. area. During a press conference, the mayor of the capital Muriel Bowser asked local residents to stay away from central Washington and avoid confrontations with anyone "looking for a fight".

These new precautions come little after Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the violent far-right group the Proud Boys, was arrested in Washington on charges of destruction of property (related to one of the numerous pro-Trump demonstrations that have taken place in the capital) and of possession illegal firearms.

I will be there. Historic day!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, 2021

Trump has repeatedly encouraged this week's protests and hinted that he might even join them personally. Over the weekend, he retweeted a rally promotion message in the capital, commenting, “I'll be there. Historic day! ”

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