Best Collectible and Strategy Guides | January 2021

Best Collectible and Strategy Guides | January 2021
Very often a little hand is needed to proceed in a video game, a hand that the numerous guides available online are always ready to give. Consulting a digital guide, however, is not the same as browsing an official strategy guide, especially if you are a fan of a title or a saga and want to collect everything related to your favorite game. From simple utility tools, strategic guides have in fact become real collector's items, tomes that not only contain all the information on the game in question but also artwork, background, maps, gadgets and curiosities that often struggle to find even Network. In this guide we will see the most beautiful collectible strategy guides that should never be missing in every player's library.

The best strategy and collectible guides

Cyberpunk 2077: the guide complete official strategy

A gigantic compendium created by PIGGYBACK, real masters in guides, to face Cyberpunk 2077 and discover every secret of Nigh City. This strategy guide is structured to offer the player a 360-degree view of the game without spoiling anything or ruining the experience. It contains a guide to the fully capable of warning you in time about all the choices to make, a collection of the many open and available solutions to face every situation and visual solutions with 4K game images to get straight to the point without too many words . The collectible version, with hardcover, is printed on superior quality paper and offers a 32-hour tour of the streets of Night City as well as exclusive information coming directly from CD PROJEKT RED.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield: the official strategy guide + Pokedex complete by Galar

Pokemon hunters unite because PIGGYBACK has prepared for you a true bible to the latest Pokemon adventure. If you are completely lost among the many paths of the Galar region, if you can't catch the legendaries or if you have no idea where to collect a particular TM, this official strategy guide of Pokemon Sword and Shield has everything you need to complete. 100% game play, including a map of the whole region that will help you find your way around the world and all the information on the new Gigamax forms. If you want, along with the strategic guide, you can also buy the Complete Galar Pokedex, a tome that shows the location of all the Pokemon in the game, their statistics, the moves they will learn, the methods to make them evolve and much more. An unmissable compendium for every coach.

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GTA 5: The Official Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

GTA 5 is a game that has passed through numerous videogame generations unscathed , retaining all its charm and expanding with an avalanche of online content. Playing with it is one thing, completing it 100% is another. If you intend to embark on this venture, Brady Games offers its help with this official strategy guide of GTA 5 that will guide you step by step in the base game advising you how to complete each mission and get the most out of Los Santos. The guide has also been updated with strategies, tricks and tips to better deal with the online mode of the game. But if you are a true fan of Rockstar opera, then you shouldn't miss the collector's edition of the guide with a fine hard cover, a photographic tour of the city streets and a collectible lithograph.

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Dark Souls 3: the official limited edition strategy guide

It takes a dark tome to delve into the dark third chapter of From Software. If you have lost your way and the bonfires now seem just a distant mirage, here is something that can do for you to help you get out of the nightmare created by Miyazaki. The Dark Souls 3 limited edition strategy guide will reveal the secrets of each game area, with detailed maps and shortcuts, strategies to take down even the toughest of bosses and all the secrets for an unbeatable character configuration. However, this guide is not only useful but also beautiful to look at: printed in a limited edition, it has a hard cover and is accompanied by the Darksign Journal of Dark Souls 3, a diary that has all the charm of an ancient tome found in a bookshop now gone in. ash. On its yellowed pages the player can take notes after a day spent in the dark lands of the game. As I said, the guide is printed in a limited edition, if you want to grab a copy, do it before it runs out.

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Super Mario Odyssey: the collectible official strategy guide

The latest adventure of the most famous plumber in the world of video games is truly immense and if you are looking for a way to unlock all the costumes, find every coin and moon of energy, this official game strategy guide is the one for you. the guide also shows how to solve all the environmental puzzles of Super Mario Odyssey, how to defeat the Bosses and how to find the secret ones. As always, there is also in this case the prestigious edition for Mario fans who want a hardcover tome to show off between amiibo (by the way, have you seen this collection?) And games of the little mustachioed hero.

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Other strategy and collectible guides

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