Baidu will also produce self-driving cars

Baidu will also produce self-driving cars
Baidu is also about to pour its technology into the automotive world. The Chinese group has in fact announced a strategic partnership with the car manufacturer Geely, thus creating a dedicated branch for the development of a new line of self-driving electric cars, highlighting once more what direction the market is taking.

Baidu towards the self-driving car

In the same days when Hyundai confirms between the lines the ongoing collaboration with Apple to give life to the so-called "Apple Car", in a few weeks from the announcement of Amazon investments with Zoox, it's up to Baidu to make its move. In all cases, a very important dynamic is evident for what will be the future equilibrium of the sector: the new dimension of the car arises from the intersection between the technological and mechanical components, with the automotive industry committed to the latter, but finally strong of a minority share of future teams.

With this move, Baidu could therefore grab a substantial share of the future "smart" car market in China, bringing both maps and intelligence on board artificial, as much as its own voice assistant DuerOS: Geely will give life to the motorization and bodywork, in short, leaving the on-board intelligence and the driving experience to be the complete prerogative of the Baidu codes.

Just as Baidu is not the only Chinese group engaged in this enterprise, Apple is certainly not the only major Western technology brand to give us a thought. The excitement is growing around the world, making it easy to foresee a diligent revolution in the sector in the direction traced in advance by Tesla. If Volkswagen is already having to deal with a shortage of semiconductors on cars that are still relatively elementary from this point of view (if seen in the perspective of what will come), then also for the entire supply market there are prospects ahead. of great growth to cope with.

Source: CNBC

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