Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty | Weapon Guide

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty | Weapon Guide

Wo Long

As in any self-respecting souslike, even in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty you can get your hands on a large number of weapons. Before launching yourself into the heart of the fight, however, it is good that you know that each weapon you will find has its own characteristics which, obviously, differentiate it from all the others. Precisely on the basis of what has just been stated, the choice of weapon to take up will be of fundamental importance and, in essence, will depend on the type of approach you will have to the game.

There are at least two other characteristics to underline: based on how you decide to structure your build, you will find weapons that scale better with the attributes you have upgraded the most and which, therefore, will level up with you; secondly, there are weapons that are more suitable for first-time players and others that require a little more experience.

Also, as you will realize, it will be possible to come across multiple versions of the same weapon , characterized by a different rarity (indicated with a value in stars) and, consequently, with the possibility of being equipped with a certain number of special skills (obtainable at the blacksmith).

In the following lines, we will indicate all the categories of weapons present in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, explaining which style of play they prefer, with which attributes they scale and, where possible, if there are any variants worthy of your attention. Also, keep in mind that we will tell you about the characteristics of the weapons at Level 1, therefore without having been upgraded.

If you are looking for other advice, we refer you to the complete Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty | Best Weapons


This is a slightly slower, but covers a slightly greater distance thanks also to the combos characterized but many more lunges, while the saber prefers the blows. In this regard, we would like to advise you on the "ritual sword of chaos" as it has a special ability which, in essence, will make you throw the weapon, damaging even distant enemies.

Values: Wood, Fire, Metal


Probably the “Saber with ring pommel” is the first weapon you will get your hands on and, therefore, the first one you will use. It is a standard weapon, rather fast in attacks but which can only be used at close range.

Values: Wood, Fire, Water


The “ Podao ” will surely be the first curved saber you will come across. It is a sort of scimitar, not very different from the sword (especially as regards the attack patterns) but characterized by much more arched combos and slashes and with a greater probability of deflecting enemy blows.

Values: Fire, Metal, Water


The “ Inlaid Podao ” is perhaps the first glaive you will add to your arsenal. It is a cross between a halberd and a sword and, therefore, has the strengths and weaknesses of both categories: it attacks at a good distance with wide-ranging blows, but it is rather slow and not particularly reliable at deflecting enemy blows.

Values: Earth, Metal, Water


Also in this case, we are faced with a good weapon, capable of covering the entire front of attack ( and not only) with its combos keeping the enemy at a distance: ideal for those unfamiliar with the combat system. However, the halberd does not offer a good defense and, above all, it does not have a large percentage of deflection of enemy attacks.

Values: Fire, Earth, Water


Sticks are clubs (or "Bo", to use a more geeky term) that will allow you to hit the enemy at a greater distance than swords allow you to do. Some of them, such as the "White Wood Club", are also equipped with rather interesting special techniques, even if all a bit slow. The main flaw of these weapons is that, at level 1, they don't have a particularly high deflection percentage of enemy shots.

Values: Wood, Metal, Water


Here we come to one of Wo Long's heaviest, most powerful and most importantly, slowest weapons: Fallen Dynasty. Like all weapons of this genre, hammers require considerable mastery, as you will need to know the attack times perfectly, bearing in mind that it may not work well against smaller and more agile enemies. It goes without saying that this weapon gives its best against large and not particularly fast enemies, so as to open their defenses with a few well-aimed blows.

Values: Fire, Earth, Metal


It may look like a metallic version of a hammer, but a mazzapecchio has quite different characteristics. Despite a roughly similar slowness, the mace deals more damage than the hammer (but less than that of the "Great Mace of Polaris"), and also offers a higher chance of deflecting enemy blows.

Values: Fire, Earth, Metal


Here we are at the weapon which, more than all the others, represents the ideal for those taking their first steps in videogames of this genre. The reason is soon said: the spears are the weapons that manage to hit the enemy from the greatest distance, also managing to block enemy combos. As you will be able to see, the combos offered do not only cover the attack front and, moreover, there are several decidedly interesting special skills. However, we are facing one of the weapons with the lowest percentage of deflection of enemy attacks which, needless to say, represents its Achilles heel.

Values: Wood, Earth, Water


The Cleaving Lances are much more robust spears than their "little sisters", capable of inflicting greater damage at a fair distance, provided you accept slower movements and a lower ability to deflect blows .

Values: Wood, Fire, Earth


The “double” weapons are characterized by faster attacks and a lower defense which, instead, is offered from the “single” versions. This is probably the double weapon we are talking about with the longest and most complete combos and, if equipped with special abilities that allow you to project backwards, it is perhaps one of the most complete weapons in the game. The only penalties are represented by the close range and a greater difficulty in deflecting the blows.

Values: Wood, Fire, Water


The “Century forged sabers ” are perhaps the second most recommended choice in the “dual weapons” category, as they are slightly slower than dual swords, but more offensive and significantly more capable of counterattacking. If equipped with the right special skills, then, I can launch very useful jump attacks, capable of both damaging the enemy and projecting himself behind him.

Values: Wood, Earth, Water


The double halberd is a slightly less agile version than the double sword, but capable of boasting long combos with which to easily break the opposing defenses. Again, you will have to be at close range to be able to strike with this type of weapon, but be aware that this double weapon will offer you a percentage of deflection comparable to that of a single weapon and, therefore, higher than that of double weapons.

Values: Wood, Fire, Earth


Here we are at Wo Long's long-range weapons: Fallen Dynasty. The crossbow is an improved version of the bow, capable of inflicting greater damage, but deprived of any type of mobility: when you use it, you will remain nailed to the ground, unable to move.


The bow is the first long-range weapon you will come across. It is the weapon with the least amount of damage inflicted , but it is much more manageable than the crossbow, if only for the fact that you can move while you are aiming.


It is of an enhanced version of the crossbow, capable of firing bolts without the need to wait for reloading times. It is an undoubtedly useful weapon, but you can only find it at an advanced stage of the game.

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