beauty case | The best of 2023

beauty case | The best of 2023

Creams, make-up, serums, sunscreens, treatments, brushes: they are all products at the base of your daily routine that often need to be taken with you, when travelling, for work, or to have some particular item with you even at work or at university . This is why buying an excellent beauty case can make a huge difference.

Let's start from the beginning, the beauty case is a simple, comfortable and practical handbag, essential for those who move frequently and need to always carry everything with them what can be useful for personal hygiene as well as make-up. It is an article that can be extremely convenient to use even at home for a beauty routine, to keep products close at hand and tidy, or to have sanitizing tissues, lotions and more in your bag.

Read also: Sunscreens | The best of 2023 Being particularly useful in various situations, you can imagine how many types there are on the market and it is precisely for this reason that we have decided to draw up a list with some of the most interesting products that you can buy. Not only are there large, small and medium-sized beauty cases, but you can decide which shape you prefer or even how many compartments it is made up of.

Within our guide there will be items for all price ranges and, no less important, for all your needs, also going into detail about the characteristics that you should carefully evaluate. For this month we don't have any new unmissable releases to report to you, in this area, but you can be sure that if there are new beauty case models that you can't miss, we will let you know as soon as possible!

I best beauty cases

Samsonite Cosmix GO!elements Reisenthel Herbst/Winter Carttiya Alviero martini Pencil Case Geo Classic

Samsonite Cosmix

Samsonite has been a brand specialized in making luggage for over 110 years, following the trends and needs of each period. In today's world, many of us often live on the go, in maximum dynamism, which is why Samsonite has decided to create perfect solutions for people on the move. The Cosmic model is medium/large and made of three-thread polyester, a resistant fabric, designed to last a long time. The external material uses an excellent water-repellent coating, so as to ensure maximum safety of your products, even when in contact with water. Last but not least, when open it is even wider and is ideal to be taken on a trip with you as you can easily hang it, perhaps in the bathroom next to the mirror.



If you are looking for an ideal product for efficient organization, even if you have many items to store, the Go!elements model is perfect for you. The beauty case is large and spacious, and its particularly optimized shape does not take up more space than necessary in a suitcase, travel bag or on top of hand luggage. This pink beauty case can be used in many ways thanks to the removable mirror, the integrated towel rail and the hook designed to hang it. Last but not least, the inner material made of special waterproof Nano-Webbing is quick-drying and also antibacterial. The material mix of the exterior and interior of the bag offers a modern design and the main compartment is breathable. An ideal product even for the most demanding journeys and at a very affordable price.


Reisenthel Herbst/Winter

Since 1971 Reisenthel has been synonymous with innovative ideas and functional design. Simplicity is the basis of many reference products of the brand that has created products loved by people all over the world. Reisenthel travel bags are practical and comfortable, useful to be carried in suitcases or bags. The Herbst/Winter model is in the shape of a case, compact and super resistant, designed to be transported easily, taking up little space and keeping all your objects inside thanks to the zip closure. Obviously, the design is another element that benefits your purchase maximum comfort, as well as adapting to almost any type of hand luggage.

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The Carttiya multifunctional beauty case is designed for those who want to have a comfortable, beautiful and space-saving beauty case, and for those who want to have their products tidy and always at hand. It can be used as a travel bag, jewelry bag or toiletry bag. Being made of waterproof Oxford polyester, it is resistant and light, of excellent workmanship and attention to detail. When folded and stored it is only 28 x 20 x 2 cm while unfolded it is even 60 x 28 x 10 cm. It has 4 compartments, optimized for better accessibility and allow you to access your products in an instant, including: a mini mesh pocket for small items, such as cotton swabs, hair band, shower cap; a fixed pocket for men's shaving kits or makeup brushes; one mesh for toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser; a clear one for large lotions or serums. In addition, the metal hook it is equipped with is perfect for supporting the weight of all the things contained even when hung.


Alviero Martini Pencil Case Geo Classic

The Alviero Martini Pencil Case Geo Classic is among the smallest beauty cases that we have proposed to you, as it is not designed to open up and ensure you have more space, but this does not make it a less valid option. It is an excellent quality proposal, with an elegant and traditional style guaranteed by the brand and is excellent if you are looking for a beauty to put in your bag or to keep at home. The product is finished in light gold, has the 1A Classe logo in the same color and leather inserts and details are in cowhide with leather. Ribs and seams are in tone while the zip closure is essential to keep all your items inside.


How to choose the best beauty cases

After having seen in detail 5 items that may be right for you, based on size, width, compartments available and much more, we intend to dedicate this section to the specific features that you should not lose sight of during the purchase phase . As we have already mentioned in the introduction, beauty cases are simple bags to contain your personal effects but, based on your specific needs, they can differ greatly. Some are small and compact, perfect for daily use without weighing too much, others are slightly bulkier but ideal for containing many products at once.

So, what information to carefully evaluate for the purchase of a beauty case? More than you would think, starting from the type and structure up to the materials and options that you absolutely must not underestimate. In some cases these additions can be essential for those who travel for a long time or travel frequently, for several days. So, without further delay, let's get into the details of our final guide.

What types of beauty cases exist?

The first factor to evaluate is the type of use and consequently the type of product on which you will have to focus, since the models are much more varied than you might think. The quantity of products you use and the frequency with which you intend to use your beauty case are the basis of this characteristic but, generally, we can distinguish some "standard" types:

From handbag: small, fight, often in the form of a pencil case or clutch bag. They are ideal for keeping essential products for personal care and make-up always close at hand, so that you can settle down in an instant, perhaps going to the bathroom. Obviously they can also be excellent for carrying medicines, sanitizers and more. These are the most practical, least expensive and easily transportable but, in case you need to organize items, they are not the most comfortable choice; For travel: these are probably the most common type after the handbag ones and they are also designed to contain a large variety of make-up and lotions, so as not to have to sacrifice anything while traveling for vacation or work. Travel beauty cases are generally characterized by numerous compartments and pockets, perfect for storing multiple items in the most optimized way possible, avoiding too much bulk. Often, once opened, they are much larger; For domestic use: we are talking about beauty cases designed to be used exclusively at home, perhaps only to keep creams or skincare items all in the same area and inserted in the same object. The dimensions are generally medium but often these are models with various internal compartments it is the best choice and, given that also in this case it is a matter of space optimization, focusing on a beauty case with more compartments is the best idea.

What shape does a beauty case have?

Closely linked to the type of beauty case and your specific needs, there is also the question of its structure. First of all, on the market you can find rigid, semi-rigid or soft cases. The former are perfect for use in your bathroom or on your dressing table but are decidedly less comfortable as travel beauty cases as they are bulky and not easy to carry. Soft beauty cases, on the other hand, are excellent for adding to your hand luggage or for containing many items while taking up little space in your suitcase. They are light, compact and we talked about them extensively during the guide, given that most of the items offered for this specific structure, the most comfortable and versatile. In the middle there are the semi-rigid models that combine capacity and more resistant material. Starting from these 3 standard categories, there are many branches, all perfect for different situations:

Briefcase: they are the most classic version of bathroom beauty cases, with an extremely rigid box structure and consequently more suitable to be kept in a fixed point or to carry it by hand, without placing it in a bag. These models have a box structure and are generally rigid, rather voluminous and among the most complete versions, moreover, they are usually divided into several levels to divide all the articles to be inserted. Foldable: being divided into several pockets, they are ideal for meticulously managing and dividing everything you decide to insert, in maximum comfort and optimizing the space at your disposal. They have a soft and flexible structure that you can turn to if you are looking for a practical model to use on the go. In sachets: they are more or less capacious rectangular cases, ideal to put in the bag and decidedly less comfortable and easy to organize for a trip or as a storage for your bathroom.

What are the best materials for a beauty case?

More than for the external coating, what really matters in terms of materials is that the internal coating is made of waterproof fabric so that all liquid or creamy can do much less damage by breaking. A coating of this type is perfect not only for serums or make-up removers but also for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and much more as it will allow you to prevent damage to the inside. In addition, most of the polyester models are also very easy to wash, even with simple wet wipes, so even if you spill a few small quantities of your products, you will always know you can fix the problem easily.

What features do the beauty cases have?

A little look at the extras that can make the difference in purchasing the best beauty case for your needs cannot be missing. Among the most interesting precautions and extras, you will find:

Internal zips: many beauty cases have internal zips which are excellent in travel models, for which guaranteeing maximum organization and comfort is essential. It is important that the internal zip closures are robust and well made, so as not to deteriorate with prolonged use or due to possible impacts; Elastics: elastics allow you to keep objects in place and are very useful for carrying brushes and tweezers, which could be damaged if left free inside a pocket together with other objects; Perforated pockets : made of mesh fabric, they allow you to clearly see their contents without having to unzip each time; Transparent pockets: thanks to being able to know exactly the contents of the beauty case, keeping the important items at a glance. In this way, you will be able to proceed much faster through the security checks at the airport; Integrated mirror: it is essential for all make-up enthusiasts who, thanks to this accessory, can easily touch up their make-up even when travelling; Handle: thanks to this accessory, we will be able to carry the beauty case more easily, or fix it comfortably to the suitcase;

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