Gaming Mice | The best under 50 Euros

Gaming Mice | The best under 50 Euros

In the context of PC Gaming, the mouse is undoubtedly an extremely important tool, used daily by players, to the point of becoming a real appendage of their body. However, extricating yourself from the many alternatives on the market is really difficult, especially if you have a small budget available. For this reason we have decided to offer you a guide to the best gaming mice under 50 euros, in order to help you choose your gaming "companion", allowing you to analyze the characteristics of what we believe are the best products available on the market. market. And there are several reasons to buy a gaming mouse at a much lower price than premium products. The first certainly concerns the possibility of exploring the additional possibilities of the hardware, such as the additional keys that allow you to actually play better. Subsequently then the desire to test a prestigious brand, such as Razer or Logitech, without however being afraid of breaking and losing a substantial investment.

In this guide to the best gaming mice under 50 euros, in fact, we will analyze not only the list price (net of the various offers that can be found regularly on the various online stores) but also all those factors that can influence the final choice, such as the connection, the grip and the accuracy of the sensor. If, on the other hand, the parameter that will  influence your choice is not mainly the price, we remind you that on our pages you can find guides to the best gaming mice and the best ergonomic mice. At the moment the market offers various options, but for now these proposals continue to be the best, especially considering the value for money.

Best gaming mice under 50 Euros

Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC Razer DeathAdder Essential Corsair KATAR PRO XT Trust GXT 161 Razer Viper Mini

Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC< /h3>

In recent years, Logitech has been increasingly committed to launching a series of products suitable for gamers. Among the many peripherals launched on the market, the manufacturer has also joined the premium devices with a series of mice and keyboards for everyone, such as the Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC. It is a mouse that can be found for around 40 Euros (but in promotion it can be discounted up to 50%) and it is certainly a satisfactory peripheral for all those who have a budget that is not too high to invest in the purchase of peripherals for PC.

In detail, the Logitech 203 LIGHTSYNC is a gaming mouse that has several essential features that make it so, starting with its wired connection. There are six programmable buttons and five adjustable DPI sensitivity levels using the Logitech G Hub software. The keys have a mechanical tensioning with metal springs, able to last over time and guarantee performance and reliability. The RGB lights could not be missing, which give the mouse a decidedly elegant and pleasant aesthetic appearance. The peripheral is also available in multiple colors, including Blue and Lilac.

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Razer DeathAdder Essential

Do you want one of the best gaming mice under 50 Euros but at the same time you want to spend as little as possible? Then we recommend the Razer DeathAdder Essential. For just over €30, you get a gaming mouse equipped with a high-precision 6,400 DPI optical sensor that offers instant sensitivity adjustment via dedicated DPI buttons, long-lasting mechanical switches capable of withstanding up to 10 million clicks and 5 programmable buttons to be able to remap and assign complex macro functions using the Razer Synapse software supplied with the mouse. Definitely a great choice for the ridiculous price at which it is sold, although unlike the Logitech G203, the DeathAdder Essential does not offer an ambidextrous design and any type of RGB lighting.

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With just 73 grams of weight and the possibility to buy it in both wired and wireless versions (with both options under 50 Euros), the Corsair KATAR PRO XT could really be your next gaming mouse. With an optical sensor up to 18,000 DPI (with three selectable profiles) and an elegant black color, this peripheral is practically your ideal choice if you have a small budget to dedicate to this kind of components.

Equipped with Switch Omron's ultra-tough mouse with a manufacturer-proclaimed durability of up to 5 million clicks features Corsair's QuickStrike actuation mechanism that eliminates distance with even faster click switches. The Claw or Finger socket complete a device that is certainly of great interest. Compromises must be made with the RGB lighting, however, which is absent on the mouse beyond a faint glow on the scroll wheel.

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Trust GXT 980

The solution proposed by Trust with the GXT 980 is certainly an excellent choice for all those who have a budget of around 50 Euros for their mouse. The peripheral in question is available in two versions, wired and wireless, and is designed for all those who face long sessions in front of their favorite video games.

In the wireless version (perhaps the best choice, given that it often goes at a discount) offers fast charging with a Type C cable and the manufacturer guarantees around 50 hours of battery life. The optical sensor is adjustable from a minimum of 200 up to a maximum of 10,000 DPI and is guaranteed up to 80 million clicks. There are 6 buttons, fully programmable and therefore allowing total customization for competitive games and more. The Trust GXT 980 also features a variety of customizable RGB lights using Trust's software.

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Razer Viper Mini

We couldn't compose the guide to the best gaming mice under 50 Euros without taking into consideration those who need a compact, high-performance solution that doesn't take up too much space. The Razer Viper Mini, with its slightly reduced design compared to the standard measures and its 60 grams of weight, perfectly answers this need with a wired mouse, rich in features and sold at a reduced price. High-precision optical sensor, ambidextrous design, compatibility with the Razer Chroma RGB lighting system and mechanical keys guaranteed to withstand over 50 million clicks, all condensed into a lightweight, durable chassis adorned with a high-strength and flexible cable.

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How to choose among the best gaming mice under 50 Euros

The world of mice presents many solutions and offers many customizations. This variety can make it difficult to find the device that best suits your needs: a lot depends on the type of grip (claw grip, palm grip or fingertip), the titles you prefer to play and the budget you have available. We remind you that, in the face of higher average costs than "common" mice, the best gaming mice under 50 Euros are also excellent for applications in the workplace and above all creative: the precision, resistance and comfort of this type of mice makes them the undisputed protagonists even in daily use.

Gaming mice and video games

The game genre you prefer determines some of the main features to look for in your gaming mouse. If you love MMOs or MOBAs you will be looking for a product with a good number of programmable buttons; if you prefer FPS or RTS, your ideal gaming mouse will have to be light, with an extremely precise sensor and with a wide range of DPI. But don't forget that, often, the gaming mouse is also the peripheral you work with: good software and the ability to customize the keys and DPI can offer creators extra help. Furthermore, a professional might prefer a wireless gaming mouse to the traditional wired mouse.

The types of gaming mouse grip

In case you are a newbie, and do not have a great knowledge of the various types of grip, just below you will find a summary of the three types of grip that you could find indicated on the boxes of the best gaming mice under 50 Euros. These different types are widespread both among mice exclusively for right-handed users and for those characterized by an ambidextrous design:

Palm Grip: This is the most common grip: fingers and palm are extended on the mouse in such a way, over its entire surface. Ambidextrous Claw Griplior: Your palm rests on the back of the mouse. The fingers form an arc and rest with the pad on the mouse buttons. Fingertip Grip: the hand is suspended above the mouse: only the tips of the fingers make contact with the keys. The movement is entrusted to light touches of the wrist.


The first factor to consider when choosing a mouse is certainly ergonomics, given that the mouse is the input device with which the user interacts the most. Having a mouse with good ergonomics is useful for greatly reducing the fatigue of the joints, which are always under tension if peripherals with more traditional shapes are used. Among the various models available in our guide to the best gaming mice under 50 Euros, you will only find "standard" models, but you may be interested to know that there are also mice with a vertical design which, thanks to their particular shape, are able to guarantee a position of the 'very natural forearm which minimizes the strain on the limb, reducing the risk of muscle pain due to incorrect body positions. In addition to the classic and vertical mice, there are also trackballs, niche devices that many users don't even know exist: these are devices in which the movement of the pointer is entrusted to a touch-sensitive sphere, which is usually moved with the forefinger or thumb, instead of wrist movement. These are peripherals that require the forearm muscles less, but are decidedly more expensive than traditional models, as well as not very suitable for gaming.

Type of sensor and DPI

The The most important feature to take into consideration when choosing one of the best gaming mice under 50 euros is obviously the optical sensor. The DPI (Dots Per Inch) is the value that indicates the minimum and maximum sensitivity level that the mouse sensor can reach, and determines the speed of the cursor, as well as the accuracy with which the pointer selects the elements on the screen.

The higher the DPI value, the faster, more responsive to movements and more precise the mouse will be. In this regard, a good practice is to buy a gaming mouse that has the possibility of storing multiple DPI profiles inside it, so if you range between FPS, MOBA, or simple daily use of the PC, you will always have the right sensitivity for each occasion.

Number of buttons

The number of buttons on a mouse is a factor that is often underestimated, but which can significantly affect daily operations. Most of the peripherals featured in our guide have a minimum of customizable keys. Obviously, it has a greater number of buttons, which gives greater gains in terms of  time savings (thanks to the programmable shortcuts) and greater control within the games thanks to the programmable buttons.


Originally mice were all equipped with a cable connection, but for many years now there have been wireless mice on the market, which maximize the portability and ease of use of these devices. Wired mice are preferable for those who need a device intended for gaming, due to a total absence of signal latency. In recent years, however, wireless mice, thanks to the extreme freedom of movement they offer, have begun to become very popular among gamers, thanks to the great technological evolution developed in wireless connections.


Like any type of hardware, even when choosing among the best gaming mice under 50 euros, it is also important to pay attention to the materials that make it up. A gaming mouse is a tool that will be used for several hundred hours, so it is important that it is built with resistant materials. The two most important elements to take into consideration are the body (which must be robust) and the keys (which must withstand millions of clicks in order to really last a long time).

In the specific case of the best gaming mice gaming under 50 Euros, you will not be able to aspire to aluminum bodies but undoubtedly the plastics of the brands considered in this guide are all very valid. Different speech for the resistance of the keys which, based on the options you decide to have in your gaming mouse, could be lower than the more expensive models. Our advice is always to better reflect on your needs and perhaps avoid a product with lower key resistance if your needs are to buy an instrument with which you can spend dozens and dozens of hours a week together.

Which brand to choose?

As in most cases, the brand of hardware can make a difference. In the case of the best gaming mice under 50 euros, however, one famous brand is not automatically better than another. Undoubtedly, it remains a good indication for understanding which products to turn to, but always keep in mind that, in the case of cheaper products, some companies opt to offer products with a more contained budget, to obtain customer attention and consequent trust if the products they prove to be competitive.

We must always, and in any case, take into consideration the quality of the construction and assembly materials, functions, customization possibilities and, last but not least, the technical support. In these cases  Logitech, Razer or Trust are certainly some of the brands to take into consideration, together with Corsair, which continues to produce peripherals and not only for all budgets.


Finally, we come to the most delicate aspect to take into consideration when choosing one of the best gaming mice under 50 euros: the price. It should be noted that a higher price does not always mean better quality. in many cases, especially for more expensive models, a high price corresponds to additional features and functions that you may not really need.

Obviously this does not mean that a mouse with a price around under 50 Euros can guarantee you a performance similar to a more expensive one but if you are only interested in having an instrument capable of offering you excellent basic functions, all the models in our guide to the best gaming mice under 50 Euros can satisfy your need without any problem.

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