Dixit: the guide to the game and expansions

Dixit: the guide to the game and expansions


Dixit is one of the most famous and loved games of recent years. Winner of both the Spiel as game of the year in 2010 and the Best family game award at Lucca Games, it still maintains the magic of a product made for everyone, which stimulates the imagination, intuition and, why not, poetry.

The success is such that ten expansions, a "spin off" and a series of puzzles have been produced; let's see now both the base game and all the related products.

How to play Dixit?

Dixit has a simple mechanics: each turn six cards are dealt to each player. Each card is a single and beautiful illustration, specially made to stimulate the imagination and be interpreted in many ways. The narrator (who changes at each turn) invents a sentence (not too explicit, but not too hermetic either) connected to one of his cards. All the other players choose one of their cards, connected to the sentence just heard and all are shuffled together. The cards are revealed and everyone except the storyteller chooses the card they think was the original one. The Storyteller scores points if his card is guessed by some of the players (but not all or none), the other participants score points if they guess the Storyteller's card correctly.

The beauty of the illustrations, combined with their interpretation, makes the game incredibly imaginative, colorful, fun and stimulating; suitable for everyone, even for children.

Dixit – Set Base

The original game, sold in over seven million copies; contains the eighty-four basic cards, the scorecards, the board and everything needed to play up to eight players. All expansions require either this core set or the Dixit: Odyssey expansion/edition as they contain only cards.

Players: 3-6

Duration: 30 minutes

Age: 8+

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Expansions and puzzles

Dixit: Quests Dixit: Odyssey Dixit: Journey Dixit: Origins Dixit: Daydreams Dixit: Memories Dixit: Revelations Dixit: Harmonies Dixit : Anniversary Dixit: Mirrors Stella – Dixit Universe 1,000-piece puzzle 500-piece puzzle

Dixit: Quest

The first expansion consists from eighty-four new cards, thus doubling the original number. It represents a strong element of continuity with respect to the original game and in fact the choice was to entrust the illustrations to Marie Cardouat, author of the base game.

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Dixit Odyssey

Odyssey is both an expansion of the original game, including eighty-four new cards, and a game in its own right: there are in fact both the scoreboard and all the rest of the components. Furthermore, this version expands the number of players up to twelve and introduces two game variants (party and pairs). Odyssey also marks a new and very good author for illustrations, Pierô (the colors are instead always by the original illustrator).

Players: 3-12

Duration: 30 minutes

Ages: 8+

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Dixit: Journey

Known as the third expansion of the game (Odyssey is not officially declared as such), it introduces new eighty-four "journey" themed cards. The illustrations are by Xavier Collette, a very talented author capable of creating extremely evocative and suggestive works.

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Dixit: Origins

Fourth expansion, illustrated by Clément Lafèvre, features some darker and more grotesque elements, exploring situations that had not been considered in previous cards. As always, the expansion features eighty-four new illustrations.

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Dixit: Daydreams

Franck Dion illustrates eighty-four new cards, among the craziest, most fantastic and dreamy seen in the various expansions. In particular, the use of animals and the important use of the marine image make this expansion perpetually suspended, almost slow.

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Dixit: Memories

This expansion is entrusted to two illustrators: Carine Hinder and Jèrôme Péllissier. The eighty-four illustrations are nothing short of wonderful, perfectly balanced in warm colours, varied in subjects and full of ideas that stimulate fantasy and imagination. One of the best expansions.

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Dixit: Revelations

Revelations consists of eighty-four pages, illustrated with great skill by Jean-Louis Roubira and Marina Coudray. The main feature of this expansion is its elegance: the delicate line, the bright, almost diaphanous colors tell new stories never seen before.

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Dixit: Harmonies

Jean-Louis Roubira has a background as a children's book illustrator and this fairytale trait is found on the eighty-four cards of the set harmonies. The cards are very varied and there are references, even if only partial, to the world of the best-known fairy-tale imagery.

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Dixit: Anniversary

For the tenth anniversary of the game, this new expansion (as always of eighty-four cards) was released. For the occasion, all the authors who had edited the previous illustrations were brought together; despite the expectations, a shared artistic direction is evident, as the illustrations present a discrete coherence with each other.

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Dixit : Mirrors

The latest expansion is dated 2020: Sébastien Telleschi presents eighty-four illustrations in bright and intense colors and with a clear line; the illustrations are very imaginative and fun. The introduction of the humorous aspect can give a new impetus compared to the previous expansions.

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Stella – Dixit Universe

In Star, players randomly draw a keyword each turn, then secretly indicate which card on the board is closest to that word. The title therefore arises as a real different game, with different and proper mechanics, even if the cards and associations remain the fulcrum of the mechanics. On a positive note, the illustrated cards are perfectly compatible with those of the base game, making the collection of illustrations interchangeable between games/expansions.

Players: 3-6

Duration: 30 minutes

Age: 8+

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1,000-piece puzzle

The 1,000-piece puzzles feature artwork from the core set and Odyssey, Quest, and Revelations expansions. The splendid designs of Marie Cardouat and Marina Coudray are represented in large dimensions, measuring forty-eight by sixty-eight centimeters. There are eight different and beautiful puzzles:

1,000-piece puzzle – Point of View

1,000-piece puzzle – Telekinesis

1,000-piece puzzle – Deliveries

Puzzle 1,000 Piece Puzzle – Queen of Owls

1,000 Piece Puzzle – Red Mishmash

1,000 Piece Puzzle – Mermaid in Love

1,000 Piece Puzzle – Chameleon Night

Puzzle 1,000 Pieces – Blue Mishmash

500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The six 500 piece puzzles use illustrations from the base set, from Quests and Revelations. Smaller in size than the thousand-piece ones, they measure thirty-four by forty-eight centimeters when assembled. You can buy the puzzles at the following addresses:

500-piece puzzle – Richness

500-piece puzzle – Adventure

500-piece puzzle – Escape

500-piece puzzle – Detours

Puzzle 500 pieces – Family

Puzzle 500 pieces – Resonance

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