Dacia Spring: versions, specifications and price

Dacia Spring: versions, specifications and price

Dacia Spring

Available on the Italian market since 2021, the Dacia Spring (our test here) has quickly become one of the reference electric cars in our country. Thanks to the decidedly low price (by the standards of zero-emission cars), in fact, the Dacia Spring has managed to carve out a leading position in our market, focusing on the growing demand for electric cars for use in urban areas.

The city, despite the off-road look, is the ideal environment for the Dacia Spring, a model that is characterized by the presence of an ultra-compact crossover bodywork, in line with the standards of the A segment. The Dacia Spring has all the credentials to become the ideal electric car for those looking for a second car or for those who need a vehicle to move mainly around the city.

the Dacia house has obvious limitations but it also has many strengths which, month after month, push hundreds of Italian motorists to buy the car (in fact, during 2022, the Spring recorded almost 3,000 units sold in Italy with a share Of market equal to 5.7%).

Considering the undoubted potential of the model, it is legitimate to ask which version to buy and how much the Dacia Spring costs, also considering the possibility of buying the car using the 2023 car incentives which guarantee the possibility of saving up to 5 thousand euros (with the scrapping of a used one). Below, therefore, we will analyze all the details on the project to fully answer these questions.

Dacia Spring: everything you need to know

All versions of the Dacia Spring share the same technical and mechanical sector. The basis of the project is the electric 45 motor capable of guaranteeing a maximum power of 45 HP (33 kW). It has front-wheel drive and the engine is combined with a Z.E. gearbox.

The declared top speed is 125 km/h and, starting from standstill, the car needs 19.1 seconds to reach 100 km/h while 0-50 km/h is completed in 5.8 seconds. There is also a more powerful version, the electric 65 with a maximum power of 65 HP (48 kW) which debuted on the market at the beginning of 2023.

The Spring is powered by a 26.8 kWh battery pack, which accounts for 186 of the car's 970 kilograms. The data on autonomy confirm that the Dacia electric car is able to cover 230 kilometers in the WLTP mixed cycle while the distance in the WLTP urban cycle is equal to 305 kilometers. In terms of autonomy, for city use, the Spring defends itself admirably.

To recharge the battery with a domestic socket, it takes about 13 hours (0-100%). With the DC 125 A fast charge, on the other hand, it takes 56 minutes to reach 80% charge. The car falls within the A segment of the market and, as such, has very compact dimensions with a length of 3.73 metres, a width of 1.58 meters and a height of 1.51 metres. The wheelbase is 2.42 meters. The trunk is 270 liters but can reach 1100 litres.


Dacia Spring: which version to buy

The Dacia Spring arrives on the market in four trim levels. It is, therefore, a simple but articulated range that allows potential buyers to easily identify the most suitable model based on their needs and the budget to devote to the purchase of the vehicle. The trim levels available on the Italian market are Essential, Business, Cargo and Extreme. The fittings present some differences which translate into small price differences.

The top-of-the-range version, the Extreme, costs almost 2,000 euros more than the basic version and offers an additional boost guaranteed by the presence of the motor. electric 65 . The basic version, the Essential, has discreet standard equipment which confirms the economic nature of the project. There are 14-inch wheels, electric rear-view mirrors, body-colored handles and chrome grille as well as central locking, manual climate control and front and rear electric window lifters. These are very basic elements designed to guarantee the necessary accessories for those who do not have many pretensions.

Federicovecchio.com By choosing the Extreme set-up, on the other hand, it is possible to enrich the equipment with more options of customization, specific upholstery and various accessories. For those who choose the Dacia Spring Extreme, the equipment also includes rear parking sensors and a reversing camera. There is also the MediaNav multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen which guarantees access to various functions, starting with navigation, which are not accessible by opting for the Essential. This set-up also includes the combined DC 30 kW battery charger.


Dacia Spring: starting at 21,450 euros

Choosing which Dacia Spring to buy is Of course, it is necessary to look at the prices of the electric car in relation to the standard equipment. As regards the list prices of the Dacia Spring, for the Italian market, the Essential version costs 21,450 euros, while for the Extreme it is necessary to take into account an expense of 23,200 euros.

The two trim levels, therefore, they are separated by almost 2 thousand euros. This difference allows access to significantly richer and more current equipment, also going to offer a few more options as regards the aesthetic customization of the car. The Cargo and Business versions, priced at 21,550 euros and 21,700 euros respectively, represent a step forward compared to the basic Essential.

Dacia Spring List price Essential 21,450 euros Cargo 21,550 euros Business 21,700 euros Extreme 23,200 euros For everyone the fittings, in any case, the customization margins are reduced to the bone. In addition to the standard equipment, in fact, only a few colors are available for the external bodywork and some additional accessories such as the spare wheel and the Mode 2 home charging cable. Switching to the Extreme version seems the best choice, considering the richer equipment making available. To support motorists interested in purchasing the Spring there are government incentives and also offers (with 36-month financing, useful for deferring payment) proposed directly by Dacia.

Dacia Spring: the state incentives

The Dacia Spring falls within the 0-20 grams of CO2 per kilometer range of the 2023 car incentives and can therefore be purchased with the highest eco-bonus. Therefore, the car can benefit from a discount of 5,000 euros in the event of scrapping a used car up to Euro 4 or a discount of 3,000 euros, without scrapping a used car.

Using the maximum discount, therefore, the Dacia Spring, even in the more complete Comfort Plus version, can be purchased for less than 20,000 euros. Resorting to state incentives allows you to make a clean cut in the cost of purchasing electricity. Currently, the Dacia Spring is one of the few electric cars to buy for less than 20,000 euros with the incentives.

Also keep an eye out for the offers that can make the difference in the choice of model. Currently, in fact, the Dacia Spring is being offered on offer by the company which makes available a loan in 36 monthly installments of a reduced amount thanks to the calculation of the eco-bonus provided for by state incentives for the purchase of an electric car.

By choosing the Dacia Spring Expression and opting for the scrapping of a used car up to Euro 4, it will be possible to purchase the Dacia electric car with an advance of 5,000 euros and 36 monthly installments of 129 euros. Then there is a final installment of 10,186 euros with the customer having the option of returning the car.

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