Screwdrivers | The best of 2023

Screwdrivers | The best of 2023

After writing a guide dedicated to the best drills around, we thought we'd focus on screwdrivers, starting from the cheap ones up to the best in the category. A tool of this kind is essential for a self-respecting toolbox, and buying one allows you to save time and "elbow grease".

There are many models on the market, some of them integrate the typical functions of a drill, as we have reported in the other attached article just now. In fact, many models have a speed reducer which allows you to reduce the number of revolutions per minute to drill layers of wood and other light materials. A screwdriver therefore represents a useful solution in many circumstances of daily life, which is why we have made sure that you can buy the right screwdrivers.

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The best screwdrivers

Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55 Makita HP488DWE Einhell Te-Cd 18/50 Li-I Bl Black+Decker BDCHD18BOA-QW FAHEFANA

Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55

As the first product of this buying guide, we recommend that you take an in-depth look at  a high-end drill driver, developed by Bosch. It is a model of the Professional line of the well-known brand, in particular the GSB 18V-55, ideal for assembling furniture and more in confined spaces or in difficult environments. With 20 levels of torque adjustment, this drill allows you to control the force applied in screwing and control the size of the drilling to meet the needs of daily life. It also has a practical LED light, which allows you to work even in the dark. In the package, in addition to the screwdriver, there is a quick charger, a set of 35-piece accessories, a belt clip and an L-shaped case.


Makita HP488DWE

Ergonomics is the keyword to effectively describe the screwdriver developed by Makita. This model, in fact, has a structure that facilitates the grip and is therefore effective for all those jobs that tend to last hours. As far as the technical specifications are concerned, this screwdriver has two speeds, with metal gears for drilling and screwing in a reliable and efficient way. The electric brake improves overall tool control by causing the tool to stop when the trigger is released. The tightening torque adjustment is based on 16 levels, as well as a drilling and a hammer position.


Einhell Te-Cd 18/50 Li- I Bl

Einhell is one of the most reliable brands in this market segment and develops highly effective solutions at a decidedly low and advantageous price. Among the many screwdrivers produced, the Te-Cd 18/50 Li-I Bl stands out, which will be appreciated for its high-quality 13 mm metal keyless chuck, as well as for the drilling function with percussion included for universal jobs . The soft grip and ergonomic design ensure maximum handling, while the integrated LED lighting means that you can use the tool even in low light conditions.


Black+Decker BDCHD18BOA-QW

Black+Decker produces products of the highest quality, characterized, if nothing else, by a decidedly advantageous price. Among these, we recommend the purchase of the Black+Decker BDCHD18BOA-QW, a screwdriver drill with percussion function for drilling on the wall. First of all, it boasts an ergonomic non-slip handle that guarantees a good dose of extra safety, which never hurts during all do-it-yourself activities. Furthermore, it has a drilling capacity of 10 millimeters for masonry, 10 millimeters for steel and 25 millimeters for wood. There is also the possibility of selecting the operating speed through two positions: the first to have greater control, while the second to have greater speed.


FAHEFANA< /h3> If you want to spend as little as possible, while not giving up excellent performance, then we recommend the FAHEFANA solution, ideal for satisfying most DIY needs. A long work session will be guaranteed by the two integrated batteries, which can be replaced quickly and easily, as well as recharging them, thanks to a 2.0 Ah quick charger. Despite being cheap, it does not lack an ergonomic design and an LED light, as well as the possibility of setting it to two speeds. The rich set of accessories completes what is a decidedly attractive tool at this price.


How to choose screwdrivers

As well as drills, even screwdrivers need to be carefully evaluated before buying, since there are factors which, if overshadowed, could affect the practicality of use and the performance of the tool. So let's find out below what are the elements to pay attention to and how to tell if the screwdriver you are about to buy is valid or not.

What types of screwdrivers exist?

A drill screwdriver is a very useful tool to be able to screw screws into any crack. It is an easy to use and exploitable tool in many situations, it can therefore facilitate the construction or assembly of furniture for the home. There are two types of products on the market, those with batteries and those with the cable. In the first case, we find all those items that do not have a power cable, but have an internal lithium battery with variable duration, while, in the second case, there are all those traditional products that require a wall outlet.

In this article we have deliberately included all battery-powered products, primarily for ease of use and simplicity, but also because corded models are now not very common. That said, there are different battery cuts, but it is advisable to focus on the 18V ones, as they ensure good autonomy in all contexts, keeping performance constant. Furthermore, it is advisable to purchase devices with continuous power supply monitoring, in this way it will be possible to eliminate the annoying memory effect.

If you are interested in a traditional product, we suggest those with wire connection. We are therefore talking about a plug and play solution, which guarantees high performance in all contexts, provided, however, that you have a functioning electrical system. Clearly, these drills have autonomy on their side, while they lose a few dots in movement and range of action, as they are anchored to the socket.

How long does a screwdriver battery last ?

This information is usually included in the product description, so it will be easy to understand what the autonomy of the tool you are about to buy will be. However, it must be kept in mind that the duration reported by the manufacturer may not match the real one, as manufacturers usually calculate it taking into consideration a mixed use. In fact, a lot depends on the surface and the work material which, if complex, forces you to always use the tool intensely.

What accessories does the screwdriver include?

When to buy a screwdriver the part relating to accessories is very important, since it could result in an extra expense if there was only the screwdriver in the package. Fortunately, in most cases there are different types of bits, both for drilling and screwdriving, as well as a keyless chuck. In some cases, you can also find sockets and dowel sets, while the case is always present, useful for storing the screwdriver and accessories. In all likelihood, if you buy a cordless screwdriver, the equipment will be quite complete, since the manufacturers include everything you need to start working in the sales package. What will be more difficult to find in the package, on the other hand, are the additional batteries, which allow you to quickly replace the integrated one as soon as it runs out, allowing you to continue your work.

What power must the screwdriver have ?

To ensure that the screwdriver allows you to carry out the work without too much difficulty, and therefore to be efficient on different types of materials, you need adequate power. In the case of these tools, power is measured in Newton meters (N·m). For mixed use, a 60 N m screwdriver will be fine, while if you are sure to use the tool only for a hobby, then 40 N m will be sufficient. On the other hand, the situation is different if it were your intention to use the screwdriver to drill hard surfaces, such as concrete for example. In that case, you should turn to a much more powerful model, with an output of over 100 N·m. As mentioned above, the power can also be evaluated using the battery Volts. These range from a minimum of 9 to a maximum of 36 and, as anticipated, an 18V model will satisfy most needs.

Revolutions per minute and variable speed

The first is an element that goes hand in hand with the power of the tool, as the more powerful the screwdriver is, the faster it will turn, while the latter is more a function of the tool, but let's go in order. An entry level screwdriver can perform around 600 revolutions per minute, to exceed 2,000 in the more expensive models. When considering mixed use, 1,000 rpm will be sufficient for most jobs. As far as the variable speed is concerned, this allows you to change the number of revolutions of the screwdriver. It is important that the tool has this function because it allows you to adapt the speed according to the type of surface, for more precise work. Usually the speed can be adjusted to 3 stops, while on the professional models it can be up to 6 stops. As it is easy to imagine, the slowest stop will be useful for screwing operations, while the fastest ones are indicated for drilling.

What types of motors do screwdrivers use?

One might think that screwdrivers are simply powered by an electrical source, whether battery or cable, to make the bit turn and perform the task for which it was designed, but in reality the internal components are more complex than one might think. In fact, the type of motor is not unique (even if today it tends to go in one direction as we will see shortly), since there are brush motors and brushless ones. A brushed-motor screwdriver uses wire brushes that contact the rotor to generate the electric current that powers the motor. These models are almost always the cheapest, have a limited life span and require regular maintenance. A brushless screwdriver, on the other hand, uses a system of neodymium magnets to generate the electric current that powers the motor. These models are more expensive but also last longer and guarantee higher performance with less maintenance.

Can I drill with a screwdriver?

As mentioned, many screwdrivers also act as drills, therefore it is It is logical to ask whether a screwdriver can also be used to drill hard materials such as concrete or stone. The answer is yes, but you'll need to make sure your screwdriver is compatible with the right bits and has the power to handle this task. An even more important factor for those who intend to use this tool for various purposes is to verify that the screwdriver is a percussion screwdriver, i.e. capable of performing a rotary and beating movement. Depending on the type of surface you want to work on, you should then consider the maximum drilling diameter supported by the screwdriver, which should be at least a couple of centimeters for wooden surfaces and 1 cm for other materials.

The functions that should not be missing on a screwdriver

Screwdrivers are tools that have a very specific purpose and, for this reason, one might think that they do not need any particular functions. In reality, there is one that should not be missing and it is reversibility, i.e. the function that allows the tool to reverse the direction of rotation of the bit. This is important because it allows you to easily correct any errors or unscrew the screw you just put in. In fact, how many times does it happen that the screw does not enter precisely on the first try, forcing you to remove it so as not to do further damage to the surface. Here, with a screwdriver equipped with reversibility this will be much simpler and more immediate.

Who makes the best screwdrivers?

If you start looking for a screwdriver on the main sales portals, you will find numerous manufacturers and an infinite number of models which, faced with an inexperienced user and perhaps approaching this sector for the first time, could confuse your ideas. There are many reliable companies and, if your needs are basic, you could be satisfied even by purchasing a model from an emerging brand. If, on the other hand, you prefer to rely on an important brand that has already been operating for several years, even for a question of spare parts or for any after-sales assistance, then one cannot but mention Black+Decker , Bosch , Einhell and Makita , which produce screwdrivers both for DIY amateurs and for professionals.

Can bolts be unscrewed with a screwdriver?

If there are no problems with most screws, with bolts it becomes much more difficult. In this case, in fact, not only is a screwdriver with a high torque in N m needed (generally more than 1,000 N m), but also models with a hexagonal input instead of a chuck. It is essentially an almost completely different type of screwdriver, given that the bit is mounted directly on the tool shaft. Being designed for this single purpose, the tip of these models rotates more slowly than a classic screwdriver, but the rotation is much more powerful.

What is the spindle lock?

The spindle lock is a locking system used in most drills and screwdrivers to secure the spindle in place when installing or removing a tool. This system allows the operator to tighten or loosen the chuck without having to use an external key. An important component therefore to ensure the safety and precision of work operations.

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