Lazio, regional elections: the programs summarized in 9 points

Lazio, regional elections: the programs summarized in 9 points

Lazio, regional elections

On 12 and 13 February, Lazio is called to vote to choose the new president of the region and, consequently, the new council. To satisfy the needs of those who, a few hours after the polls opened, are still undecided, we have tried to summarize the programmatic documents of the three candidates in the running, Francesco Rocca for the centre-right, Alessio D'Amato for the centre-left and Donatella Bianchi of the 5 Star Movement, summarizing for each of them the ideas and proposals in the fields of energy, health, school, transport, work and culture. We have selected 9 fundamental macro-themes to try to offer a brief but exhaustive reflection of what leaders want to do in case of affirmation.

Each of the themes will be indicated by the respective emoticons: energy > ⚡️, health > 🏥, school >🎓, transport > 🚌, research and innovation > 💡 , digital > 💻, agriculture > 🚜 , work > 🛠 , environment > 🌳

Let's see in detail the candidates' proposals: 

The centre-right coalition with Francesco Rocca The centre-left and the Third Pole with Alessio D'Amato The Five Star Movement with Donatella Bianchi Things to know about the regional elections in Lazio Dates and times of the vote, the guide to the polls and information on candidates, the programs and the analysis of the proposals to get to the vote of 12 and 13 February

The proposals of the centre-right with Francesco Rocca

⚡️ "Careful reflection on the compatibility of certain development choices with their energy costs". The creation of a "purpose office" is therefore envisaged to manage the functioning of the territory at 360 degrees.

🏥 Zeroing of waiting lists in the first 12 months of administration, computerization of the management of available beds. new regional cancer plan. Increased investment in mental health and mental disorders. Stabilization of unstructured personnel.

🎓 Create an education-training-job chain, encourage the opening of schools in the afternoon. Allocation of regional funds to strengthen both public and private structures.

🚌 Strengthen and modernize the road network, creation of the so-called "North Transversal", the doubling of Rome-Latina. Construction of other roads such as the extra-urban Cisterna–Valmontone, the Orte-Civitavecchia connection, closure of the Rome ring-road and the construction of new link roads with the Tyrrhenian line and the line for Florence.

💡 No concrete proposals on research and innovation, absent any estimate of funds.

💻 No mention of what will actually be done on digital in the event of an election. The one in which it is specified that "the region will have to create a hub that can put programmers and developers in contact".

🚜 Allocation of 475 million euros, coming from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and from Rural Development Programs (RDP), co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and by the national budget. 

🛠 Promotion of a plan for the employment inclusion of people with disabilities, in collaboration with the centers for creation of an "education-training-work chain", and a "training strategy" for "the so-called gray heads", i.e. people over 50 leaving the world of work. of technical training".

🌳 References without covers and proposals to hydrogeological instability and to the protection and enhancement of environmental heritage. Construction of the Civitavecchia-Viterbo-Orte-Terni motorway junction, the doubling of the Rome-Latina motorway and the construction of an extra-urban road between Cisterna and Valmontone.

Who are the candidates in the Lazio regional elections? Zingaretti era, competing for the presidency will be Alessio D'Amato, councilor for health, Francesco Rocca, president of the Italian Red Cross, and Rai journalist Donatella Bianchi. Here's who supports them

The centre-left's proposals with Alessio D'Amato

⚡️ Continue with the "100 Communities in 100 Municipalities" project (inaugurated by the Zingaretti council) and draw on all the 88 million euros of resources dedicated to the Pnrr. i Guarantee at least one energy community in each of the 378 Lazio municipalities through "the creation of shared energy pilot plants".

🏥 2.8 billion euros of investment for modernization, safety and purchase of new technologies, strengthening of local medicine and home care. "Plan empty emergency room". New hires of health personnel and stabilization of 5,000 precarious workers.

🎓 Implementation of the "LazioDomani" project which provides for the creation of a regional agency for children and adolescents. Enhancement of the guidance service in schools, reduction of study costs and regeneration of structures.

🚌 Renewal of 88% of the fleet of regional trains, 800 kilometers of resurfaced roads, construction of cycle paths and rehabilitation of Cotral (the regional transport company). Putting a thousand new buses on the road.

💡 Implementation of the "I'll be back" program ubito ” to support training and research and a relaunch of technological doctorates. Support of the VitaminaG program to finance the innovative ideas of people under 35 and the creation of specialized training modules.

💻 Digitization of businesses, tourism and public administration, also with a look at the regional internet connection. Counting on the resources of the Pnrr to the region, it proposes incentives for investments by SMEs in digital technologies, training programs 4.0.

🚜 Recovery of disused agricultural structures and to evaluate the "income" of "areas to be reused" and territories with "morphological difficulties". But without specifying how or with how many funds.

🛠 246 million for policies for the employability of unemployed and workers leaving the labor market, 420 for personalized services for job placement, 57 for strengthening employment centres, 40 for the ' orientation, 117 for corporate training, 90 for the creation of a fund for the "Income of the citizen in training", 26 for higher education schools.

🌳 Allocation of 2 billion euros to improve air quality, support the transition to renewables, encourage the circular economy and a zero-emission industrial policy, finance ecological mobility and responsible tourism, improve waste management, extend protected natural areas.

What the ballot paper looks like and how to vote in the Lazio regional elections The regional elections are approaching: on Sunday 13 and Monday 13 February, the citizens of Lazio are called to elect the president of the region and the regional council. This is how the electoral ballot is structured and how to vote

The proposals of the M5S with Donatella Bianchi

⚡️ “Encouraging the conversion of buildings based on renewable sources. enhance regional energy income and encourage the creation and development of renewable energy communities throughout the region".

🏥 Defense of public health, strengthening and redevelopment of the public hospital network and territorial facilities, stop to endless waiting lists and healthcare migration.

🎓 Regional investments for modernization and energy efficiency, creation of dedicated coworking spaces managed by under 35s.

🚌 Making Lazio transport public for under 25s and pensioners, upgrading railway lines for the transport of goods and people . Modernization and reactivation of decommissioned and disused railway lines to create tourist itineraries.

💡 "New funds for innovative startups and for micro and small and medium-sized enterprises and implementation of resources for the regional microcredit revolving fund ".

💻 There are no clear actions nor expenditure coverage on the sidelines of what is proposed, but positions taken on some hot topics such as investment in "innovative startups" or in precision agriculture and in the “ fishing tourism ”

🚜 Sustainability of production models and the territory, maintaining and increasing productivity, reducing waste and maintaining the balance between the rural and urbanized systems.

🛠 Suppression of the Irap for companies that hire people under the age of 35 on permanent contracts, new mothers or basic income tutors Monitoring safety at work, integration of people with disabilities à and young.

🌳 Safeguarding the "common goods" (water, air, glaciers, stretches of coast protected by nature reserves, flora, fauna and cultural heritage) and the "protection of animals", both domestic and wild, with particular attention to the regulation of hunting.

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